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JuicyFields Drops an Anchor in Denmark

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JuicyFields Drops an Anchor in Denmark

JuicyFields Newsletter Juicy Fields wirft einen Anker in Dänemark

Juicy Fields Drops an Anchor in Denmark


Hello ladies and gents,

We are thrilled to deliver the latest business news on the first day of a new month!

After days and weeks of negotiations with a Dannish Bio-pharmaceutical company, JuicyFields has become a shareholder of Cannabis-International ApS that aims to grow Sativa and Indica cannabis for medicinal use throughout local and primarily European markets.

Saturday January 30th was the day when Alan Glanse and Viktor Bitner signed a shareholder’s agreement with the executive management team of Cannabis-International ApS – Anders Asgreen – Chief executive officer and Ayman Galbeed – Chief Operational officer.

JuicyFields Drops an Anchor in Denmark
Vision of Cannabis International:
“To deliver high quality medicinal cannabis to patients whose life quality can be significantly improved by our products.”

Such a remarkable vision 100% matches the mission of Juicy Fields. Undoubtedly, having such a strong company on our side opens new doors to everything we do in this industry.

A business development plan of Cannabis International outlined in several stages strengthens its position on the market over the course of 5 years.

Cannabis International Goals

JuicyFields Drops an Anchor in Denmark
Phase 1 – 2021:

  • Structure new production facilities
  • Preparation of SOPs (Standard operating procedures)/documentation

  • Producing test batches

  • Obtain final authorization from DMA

  • Sales- and market-strategy/distribution chn.

  • First product sales – 2000 kgs

Phase 2 – 2022:

  • Increase of production and sales volumes by 176.000 Euros

  • Attracting new Investors based on the performance

  • Expansion of facilities & team – new GMP facility – 1600 sqmJuicyFields Drops an Anchor in Denmark

Overview of Cannabis International

JuicyFields Drops an Anchor in Denmark

Apart from having 11.000 sqm

 of land, the company plans to construct two buildings – a 420 sqm Research & Development Center (currently under construction) and 1600 sqm GMP facilities that will establish a full cycle of cultivation, processing and production of cannabis.

Since, the company is already in full compliance with all GMP and GACP standards regulated by the Danish Medicines Agency and the EU, the first harvests are expected by the end of 2021 – 2022 along with the export licences.

Expected annual harvest weight is 2,000kg that will be covered by a Quality Assurance system, which includes the high standards and a team staying on guard of keeping the Danish production secure, reliable and fully-operational at all times.

According to the Return of Investment forecasts both buildings with operational production, quality assurance and sales will generate more than 20 million euros by 2025-2026 or 20.283.568 EUR to be exact.

Total European legal cannabis market value 2020 – 2024:

JuicyFields Newsletter: JF wirft einen Anker in Dänemark
Having a step-by-step strategy backed up by expert team players and favorable forecasts leaves no room for doubt for reaching the targets and therefore JuicyFields offers serious investors to join this business for everybody who’s looking for opportunities.

Juicy Fields Business Development Officer  – Robin Silver (robin@juicyfields.io) will be more than happy to assist with consultation about this venture.

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