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JuicyFields Newsletter: 420, fresh cannabis oil and webinar

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JuicyFields Newsletter: 420, fresh cannabis oil and webinar

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JuicyFields Newsletter: 420, fresh cannabis oil and webinar

It’s that time of the week again, the latest JuicyFields newsletter is online. Today you learn a bit of cannabis history, find out about the progress in Columbia and discover the new date for a JuicyFields Webinar. Don’t miss out on the latest information:

420 is coming along with the Next AMA Session topped with some Fresh MJ Oil

JuicyFields Newsletter: 420, fresh cannabis oil and webinarDid someone say it’s 4:19?
Then it’s almost magic marijuana therapy time for all cannabis enthusiasts out there.

The 420 references have been a code term for marijuana time since the days of tie-dye, bell-bottoms, and hippie funk. Perhaps even longer according to some myths and legends. There are many stories about the 420 code for marijuana time, but they all have one thing in common – April 20th, that very special day, dedicated to free spirits, friendship and camaraderie and the love for cannabis. All things that JuicyFields stands behind.

So, from the whole team at JuicyFields and all our beloved partners – Happy 420, Juicers!


Colombia pushes forward with targets and growth

We are always thrilled to tell you the freshest news from our fields and today we have special words blown in from Colombia.

Even though it hurts to say that the country is currently suffering in lockdown mode due to another quarantine period. But nonetheless they are still functioning and ploughing forward. This has certainly slowed down our plans, but nevertheless has not stopped the activities, you can’t contain this amount of passion in this industry.

First of all, we are happy to announce a new Chief Executive Officer in the LATAM region – Hans van de Ven, who will use all his leadership and expertise to strengthen JuicyFields position in these territories.


Hans is a successful Dutch businessman with an international background in biofuels, biodiesel refineries, Biogas production and high yield biomass plantations. His unique expertise is backed up by 30+ years of practical experience with different agricultural technologies.

Despite all the restrictions in Colombia, we are focusing on what we can do right here and right now, therefore, we are happy to announce that there was a large new greenhouse added for cultivating the juicy clones at Kannabyte. As soon as all final preparations and refurbishments inside are finished, we will start our CCTV streaming and resume photos from the first facility as well.

Furthermore, a new batch of flowers we received from Kannabyte has already been transported to the lab for producing amazing oils.


Additionally, Hans is launching the export process to Germany in close cooperation with 613 Partners. This is a truly important gateway and distribution channel from South America to Europe that’s being built as we speak.

We believe that together with 613 Partners, who will facilitate us from legal and organizational perspectives, we will get to the new heights much faster thus establishing a solid supply chain for our business model.

After all, we are expecting to obtain 10 000 kgs of Juicy flowers by September 2021 solely from the Colombian facilities!

Expect more great things from here to come 🙂

Webinar 26th of April

JuicyFields Newsletter: 420, AMA und Cannabis ÖlRight after this celebration we would like to meet you all again in our next AMA session that will be held on Monday 26th of April.

The primary focus of this webinar will be on the key people standing from both sides of our company and the ones that make everything that we do possible – Our beloved Partners.

Our first AMA Webinar was so successful, that it inspired us to host the second session even earlier than we initially planned and to take you around the globe – starting from Denmark to Portugal and Colombia, finally finishing off in Costa Rica. We will also give you an exclusive tour around our partners facilities. This way, you will see where your plants are actually being cultivated!

Already excited? So are we!

When: Monday 26th of April
Time: 5-8pm CET
Where: Zoom

Sign up here:

Stay tuned, celebrate and enjoy 420 with loved ones and business partners alike and we look forward to seeing you at the AMA session next week!


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