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JuicyFields Newsletter: AMA Session Overview

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JuicyFields Newsletter: AMA Session Overview

JuicyFields Newsletter AMA Sitzungsübersicht
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Find out all there is to know about crowdgrowing and JuicyFields!

The latest JuicyFields newsletter has arrived. Today you can find out all about the AMA (ask me anything) session which took place on March 22nd. Read on to find out more!

JuicyFields Newsletter: AMA Session Overview – Putting the Answers Straight on the Table

Warm regards and celebrations!

JuicyFields and some of our wonderful e-growers are 1 year old!

This newsletter is dedicated to the amazing AMA (Ask Me Anything) session that we held online on March 22nd.

First of all, a very big Thank You to everybody who took part and asked us interesting and sometimes challenging questions. You are the fuel that inspires us to drive further and faster and get better at what we do!

For those who wanted to attend but couldn’t make it we will upload the recorded AMA session to our YouTube channel which will also be available with subtitles in different languages. You can check it out here.

Additionally, we’d like to announce that we are planning to conduct such AMA sessions much more frequently – almost on a monthly basis. Some of them we will dedicate to our most active communities and make in their native languages too. This way, we get to have some of the sessions in different languages and by our team such as our super star Zvezda Lauric in Spanish.

So, here’s a short summary of what happened in Zoom on Monday night.

The speakers were composed of our key team members as well as invited partners from different parts of the world.

JuicyFields Newsletter: AMA Session OverviewDaniel Gauci was the main moderator and host of the session, however, unlike the YouTube videos that all e-growers are used to, this time Daniel showed a different side of himself, that one of a professional, knowledgeable, insider.

The main aspect of our industry is supporting smaller communities that strive to cultivate and produce medical cannabis. JuicyFields is basically a mediator who integrates sustainable practices and gives a chance to small and medium size companies and startups to grow further with the support of our faithful e-growers and professional infrastructure.

Now it’s been a year since the JuicyFields platform was created and we believe that we managed to prove to ourselves and to our community that we are on the right track. So now our main focus shifts to building more trust, transparency and clarity, even though it’s the hardest thing to do considering the numerous NDAs, non-public entities and legal restrictions we deal with. We can certainly claim about 100% compliance in our business despite a constant struggle between the partners, laws, governments and financial institutions related to the things that we can or cannot disclose publicly.

Basically, JuicyFields rides three tallest waves of progress simultaneously which are – crowdfunding crypto currency and medical cannabis industries.

JuicyFields Newsletter: AMA Session Overview – new partners

JuicyFields Newsletter: AMA Session OverviewAlan Glanse has joined us this time from Berlin and announced the freshest news that we have just got a new partner in Costa Rica – Dutch Pharmaceutical Solutions SA, followed by a brief live stream presentation by the CEO – Peter Kruissen who has shown us the 20.000 sqm land where Juicy clones are soon to be flourishing.

Surprisingly, but a fact, Peter mentioned that there are no COVID restrictions in sunny Costa Rica and all bars and restaurants are running in more or less regular mode.

On a business note, the brand new greenhouses with integrated air conditioning and automation modes installed within a year will allow JuicyFields to expand the limits of the plants currently being produced.

And this brings us to a very good question put to Alan:

“When will the 1000 limit of the Flash category be expanded?”

We need to make sure that our greenhouses and partners can cope with the orders on the platform and therefore we have certain limits installed. We will expand them gradually along with the expansion of our partner’s facilities. This is the only way of keeping the business stable and reliable.

By the way, next week we will have a special interview with Alan published in the El Confidencial magazine, where he will answer the hottest questions that we received the last time.

JuicyFields Newsletter: AMA Session Overview – Marketing 2021

Fanny Skoglund, Head of Marketing, and Nathalie Kraus, Head of Digital Marketing, have covered the topic of our communication strategy, content and events for 2021.

JuicyFields is constantly working to better the communication between us and our supporters, improve the channels of information and to be able to provide you with more events that will allow us to keep fluent communication between us.

Our key objective is to be adaptive to the fast-changing market, industry, and regulations that are rolling in and our desire to bring awareness of all the beautiful benefits of medical cannabis that can save lives and treat some of the worst diseases.

Additionally we have national communities with the following number of subscribers that you are free to join as well:


We also had news from Esteban Rossi, one of the chief legislative strategists at 613 Partners, who’s pushing the cannabis regulations to the governments in many LATAM countries.

Having their headquarters in Spain and other offices distributed in different countries, 613 Partners move forward to Paraguay and Ecuador with a purpose to make cannabis culture closer and obtain the licenses.

The rising trend of cannabis in LATAM countries has been confirmed by Francesca Greco and Alfredo Paredes who were actively lobbying cannabis regulations in Mexico, some of which have already passed the Senate on March 11th, 2021 and now are waiting for the presidential signature to be approved and make Mexico the third country in the world allowing cannabis on a federal level.

We also planned to have Willdiman Mira Hernandez, CEO at Kannabyte (Colombia) and Sergio Londono among the guest speakers with an inspiring presentation, but had to reschedule it to the next AMA session.

While we are preparing more news for you, please think of some interesting questions for the next AMA session. The dates will be announced.


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Juicy Fields Review – Your top profitable cannabis business from €50

Find out all there is to know about crowdgrowing and JuicyFields!
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