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JuicyFields Newsletter: Anniversary Assembly

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JuicyFields Newsletter: Anniversary Assembly

Juicy Fields Review – Your top profitable cannabis business from €50

Find out all there is to know about crowdgrowing and JuicyFields!

The latest JuicyFields newsletter has arrived. Today you can find out all about the upcoming anniversary assembly on March 22nd. Read on to find out more!

JuicyFields Newsletter: Anniversary Assembly

JuicyFields Newsletter: Anniversary Assembly – JuicyFields opens its virtual doors!

Good morning to all!

As we are seeing the end of Q1, 2021 drawing near we are also seeing the bloom of the  fruits of our labour and really ready to make an impact now Spring and Expo season is among us.

The first of these is our planned Anniversary Assembly for next Monday 22nd March.
Following this will be our opening in late April of our Cannabis Association, Juicy High, in Valencia. More details about attending will be given when arrangements have been finalised –  this is strictly due to COVID restrictions on private/public gatherings. This does not affect any visits from our e-growers once opened – all will be welcome to come following certain criteria (simple membership).

Also please do not forget that you are welcome to visit our offices in Berlin (Germany) and Sliema (Malta) at any time with an appointment made. By the end of March you will also be able to visit the team in Valencia (Spain) Studio and also the office in Mexico City – our Telegram channels and social media will be updated with more information on how to visit and get in touch with us!

We will also organise further visits to our cultivation partners at regular intervals during the year with these being planned for Denmark, Portugal, Macedonia, Mexico and Colombia all planned within 2021.

Back to more closer days, below is our agenda for the afternoon of March 22nd – Please note that the speakers and times may change slightly due to logistics but all changes will be presented in advance across all our communication platforms. All times are CET.

JuicyFields Newsletter: Anniversary Assembly

JuicyFields Newsletter: Anniversary Assembly – Monday March 22nd

15:00    Brief introduction of JuicyFields presentations/speakers for the day.

  • Daniel Gauci – JF Malta/Spain
  • Zvezda Lauric – JF Malta

15:20    Juicy, Who, What, Why and Where

Who, what and why is the JuicyFields company? What is the ethos and background of this innovative and daring and profitable company? How it came about and where it will lead.

  • Alan Glanse – JF – Berlin

15:50     Moderated AMA, questions taken from participants during the session.

16:20    Short break     


Juicy Fields information – juicyfields farms around the word

Find out many interesting things about JuicyFields’ partners

16:30     Kannabyte Presentation

  • A history and introduction of the company.
  • The patnertnering with JuicyFields – what has the partnership offered in terms of growth and support and what has Kannabyte done achieved and infrastructure support received from our e-growers.

16:50 Moderated AMA

17:30    LATAM and the Future 

Our colleagues at 613 partners introduce themselves and their company on how the market in the LATAM region is developing both legislative and infrastructurally. How operationally we will achieve solid alliances and secure growth and stability for our e-growers and supporters.

  • Esteban Rossi – 613 Bogotá (Colombia)

Exploring the synergy and how JuicyFields growth within LATAM with cultivators and distributors is well represented with future proof strategies. Detailing how JuicyFields will partner with established local agencies, enabling transparency and supply chain management throughout LATAM but focused in Mexico, Colombia and Costa

18:10 Moderated AMA for 613 Partners

18:30    JuicyFields Visibility and Media

Our Expo venues and sponsorships for Cannabis Shows and Expos and partner visit plans for 2021.

  • Fanny Skoglund – JF  Dubai (UAE) 

19:00     Closing Statements.

A brief rundown of the day’s events and points taken away, with some closing statements from the JuicyFields management team.  

  • Alan Glanse and Daniel Gauci – JF – Berlin and Sliema

And there we are! More information on how to attend the event will be shared within a couple of days, make sure that you follow us on our social channels for the latest updates https://www.instagram.com/juicyfields.official
We do not anticipate any big changes to the agenda set above but if so we will notify in advance. We hope to arrange more and more of these as we grow and venture forward in this exciting and super fast paced industry, here’s to all our partners, e-growers and supporters continued success in 2021 and beyond!


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Juicy Fields Review – Your top profitable cannabis business from €50

Find out all there is to know about crowdgrowing and JuicyFields!
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