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JuicyFields Newsletter: Anticipating the First Juicy Expo

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JuicyFields Newsletter: Anticipating the First Juicy Expo

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It’s that time of the week again, the latest JuicyFields newsletter is online. Don’t miss out on the latest information:

JuicyFields Newsletter: Anticipating the First Juicy Expo


JuicyFields Newsletter: Anticipating the First Juicy ExpoA new week brings more great news to our Juiciers!
But before we go any further, we would like to celebrate a great example of an achievement of international collaboration and humanity with you all. International Day of Human Space Flight was declared to be this day, 12th of April, by the United Nations. In recognition of what we can do when differences are put aside and resources and skills are pooled together.
If we can discover new materials and even new worlds in outer space it makes you wonder what the holdup with cannabis is right?
It’s been 60 years since we first put man into space; it’s also been 60 years since the UN introduced The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs. This single meeting would start a war on drugs with a major casualty being the marijuana plant and her wonderful properties.
In those 60 years we have been able to travel to Mars and have reached the mind boggling limits of outer space – yet cannabis is illegal in more places than it is legal?
We believe that our Juicy Rocket is filled with the diverse skills, community and characteristics needed to get our Juicy dreams to the moon!

The Cannabis Expo Mexico is closer than all of us can imagine, time flies and we have the dates confirmed for 10th and 11th of June followed by a VIP Gourmet dinner and big farewell party on June 12th.
While the Agenda is getting ready, you can be sure that we are selecting the most interesting speakers representing a wide range of expertise – representing international cannabis laws, mj legalization process in Mexico, medicinal trends and breakthroughs, agricultural and operational insights, new business and investment opportunities and more!
Additionally, we will have politicians and government authorities invited to the table in order to conduct as many objective discussions as we possibly can.

The names of the speakers will be disclosed in up and coming newsletters.
JuicyFields and our organizing partner from South Africa – The Cannabis Expo both aim to allow every visitor to form the fullest and clearest picture of the cannabis industry by the end of the event.
We believe it’s hard to think of a better time to enroll into new flourishing business opportunities especially for Mexican entrepreneurs at this stage of legal freedom. It is certainly not a coincidence that our first Juicy Expo will take place in Mexico city, fantastic things are happening there.
From an organizational perspective we have to limit the attendance by 500 visitors per day due to COVID restrictions. The pre-booking and early bird ticket sale will be launched and announced soon.

In the meantime you can take yourself on a virtual tour of the spacious Expo Santa Fe México here. This location has historically become the headquarters of important conventions, industrial, business, commercial and social events, such as the World Business Forum, National Entrepreneur Week, International Motorcycle Show and many others. And now it’s time for JuicyFields to enter the territory of big international events.
On a delicious note, our wonderful Cannabis Chef – Andre Schneider, a provider of High Cuisine recipes on the Juicy Network and whom some of you were lucky to meet in person last year at the open door event in Berlin, is already planning his exquisite surprises for the Mexican party.

JuicyFields Newsletter: Anticipating the First Juicy Expo

So, the last thing related to the Expo, the dessert – in case you would like to present your exhibitor stand, become a speaker or a conference participant, please apply at mexico@juicyfields.io. All questions can also be directed there.

“The cannabis industry will be one of the most profitable in 2024. Now is the time to enter” – this is the title of a new article where Alan Glanse has shared his expertise and opinion in an interview to one of the greatest Spanish magazines – El Confidencial.

This is a great read for everybody interested in the future of the industry and JuicyFields crowdgrowing model.
Considering a global trend of decriminalization of cannabis combined with an increased number of the events and movements in the industry, the reach, and by proxy, the price of marijuana is expected to rise higher.
However, this only means that those who have entered at the beginning of the trend will win more than their followers. Even though the advantage of early entry includes every party, the biggest investors and developers will win the most.

JuicyFields Newsletter: Anticipating the First Juicy Expo

So, on the final note we can share some insider’s information that our Juicy Show Star and Chief Business Development Officer – Daniel Gauci took a flight from Malta to Spain in order to make all preparations for the opening of JuicyHigh in Valencia.
You can see the location of the Juicy Club right behind the building in the picture above.
Thus, you can expect really high news very soon from us.


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