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JuicyFields Newsletter: Cannabis Expo in Mexico

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JuicyFields Newsletter: Cannabis Expo in Mexico

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JuicyFields Newsletter: Cannabis Expo in Mexico

Hello Juicers, as announced last week, in this week’s newsletter you get a full report of last weekends’ cannabis expo in Mexico, where JuicyFields was one of the main exhibitioners. Enjoy reading the newsletter:

The first Cannabis Expo in Mexico, presented by JuicyFields

JuicyFields Newsletter: Cannabis Expo in MexicoWe are bringing you an update straight from Mexico City and The Cannabis Expo!

We are sure that no one wanted to miss the very first cannabis expo hosted by JuicyFields in Mexico. We partnered up with the experts in this field – The Cannabis Expo from South Africa and have been working closely together with their team to make this event a huge success – which it was!

We welcomed over 600 visitors at the Santa Fe Expo, we had exhibitors from all over the world, and key speakers bringing us the latest insights from the industry. As you can see, this was a must visit event.

We believe that our cozy lounge together with the networking locations, speeches and surprises have inspired many entrepreneurs, growers and gurus of industry by helping them find new directions for further development.

Among the participants we had representatives of specialized medical companies (CANNA CARE, CannabiSalud), Latin American Cannabis Associations (AlCann, Cannabis Trust Fund), educating platforms (CANNADEMIA) and cultivating and producing companies (SOLAY&SOLAY, Cannabica Libre) and many more. We would also like to highlight United Greenhouse cultivating company that was there with us and which JuicyFields management considers to be our possible next partner.
JuicyFields Newsletter: Cannabis Expo in Mexico
We can proudly say that this is not going to be the last time we will organize an event of this kind and scale! Until then, let’s take a look at what we have accomplished over the last couple of days!

“Dear colleagues and friends of the industry, today is a very big and exciting day for the progress of cannabis in Latin America. We are opening the door to the first ever Cannabis Expo, right here in Mexico City” said Alan Glanse, the CEO of JuicyFields, in his welcome speech on Thursday morning.

The Event followed by speakers from all around the globe with different insights and point of views from the cannabis industry.

Below you can see the most influential women in cannabis, with inspirational members of the panel, who spoke about the importance of bringing female leaders forward to higher executive positions in the cannabis industry and getting their voices heard.

Ana Lucia Gonzales Lopez – Founder, Tetra Gabinete Canabico
Mariana Sevilla – Founder, Mexico Regula
Maria Vionarovicz – Founder and Director, Canaria Creativa
Fabiola Bojorquez – Director, Cannapeutas Association



We also had our Juicy Media Star – Zvezda Lauric giving numerous interviews and participating in multiple press conferences before and during the event.


Delicious Gifts & Surprises

And for sure our guests and visitors enjoyed culinary masterpieces, many of which included our favorite cannabis touches. The latter symbol was obviously at the heart of JuicyFields free merchandising materials that were given away and enjoyed freely.


Music Video Premiere

JuicyFields Newsletter: Cannabis Expo in MexicoCertainly the main surprise was shown on a wide screen presenting the premiere of the first JuicyFields Music Video called ‘Money Green’ with Veysel and Alan Glanse.

Starting from now on ‘Money Green’ became the hymn of the Juicy community, so let’s share it with our friends, repost and sing together at  all your upcoming parties now that we are seeing COVID restrictions being lifted slowly!

Go ahead and watch the video on our YouTube channel.

JuicyFields Newsletter: Cannabis Expo in Mexico – Afterparty

What can be sweeter after two intense and productive networking days in the Cannabis industry? A Juicy Party on the open terrace in Santa Fe, Mexico!

That was the time for everybody to have a proper rest, agree on some final deals and plans for the future and enjoy time with each other. The perfect atmosphere to get to know the cannabis community and get closer after that first ice had been broken.


JuicyFields Newsletter: Cannabis Expo in MexicoThe event’s bottom line is that we reached astonishing success owing to valuable new connections with prospective partners. We can confidently say that JuicyFields will go much further to facilitate medicinal cannabis legalization processes in Mexico to get the distribution and export licenses.

While Santa Fe Expo is closing its doors after this grand event and sending us invitations for the next year, JuicyFields looks forward to the next ICBC Expo in Berlin that was postponed to 26th-27th of August.

Thus, we have great chances to meet our e-growers again!

Moreover, JuicyFields is actively looking for new ambitious startups in the medicinal cannabis industry from all over the world. Please send your inspiring presentations to our Business Development Office – Robin Silver at robin@juicyfields.io. The offers are accepted until August 31st, 2021.

Thank you for being with us and all your support!

We believe we can achieve much more together!


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