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JuicyFields Newsletter: Costa Rica News

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JuicyFields Newsletter: Costa Rica News

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JuicyFields Newsletter: Costa Rica News

Costa Rica is opening up to medical cannabis! Read to find out more:

Costa Rica is about to open its doors to medicinal cannabis. Favorable Wind Change in Costa Rica

How’s your Juicy life with us, dear ladies and gents?

We truly hope that you are waiting for another portion of news every week, as we are trying to deliver exclusively the mellow stuff!

JuicyFields Newsletter: Costa Rica NewsThis time we would like to start with another Latin American country that decided to follow their neighbours and join the global medicinal cannabis trend. Even though the changes have started recently, the first move dictates the next!

Costa Rica’s government authorities have announced the program for medical cannabis which is supposed to start in autumn, meaning in less than a month!

The new law would legalize production including sowing, cultivation, harvesting, storage and transport of cannabis products. And another great move from the authorities is that they have already described the license aspects and controlling regulations and that shows serious intentions to pursue the program.

Jurisdiction would be under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) and the Ministry of Health. Those agencies would oversee production, inspection, industrialization and commercialization of cannabis for industrial purposes and food, as well as our favorite psychoactive cannabis for therapeutic medicinal purposes exclusively. At the moment, recreational marijuana is not a part of the proposed legislation. And yet, this is plenty already!

Licensing under MAG would only be available to such organizations as cantonal agricultural centers, associations of small and medium producers, cooperatives and indigenous development associations.

According to Rosa Volio the proposed law could literally spark development of the pharmaceutical industry including the pre-market value chains that have their roots in agriculture.

JuicyFields is definitely not planning to miss an opportunity to drop its anchor in Costa Rica even deeper now when the environment has changed so timely.

Our Costa Rica’s partner – Dutch Pharmaceutical Solutions headed by Peter Kruissen is overly happy now while the construction of new modern greenhouses is in process as planned, whereas the 20.000 sqm land can hardly wait now when Juicy clones will start blooming.

In the meantime, our Juicy lands keep growing constantly followed by the community members registered at the platform!

Starting from ~3000-4000 users registered per month in 2020, we kept on increasing the monthly flow until we finally reached 120 000 e-growers on the JuicyFields platform as of July 2021 in total.

All this great news promises even more prosperity to our JuicyFields community, as the expansion of the company’s production volumes and greater quotas for each Juicy category cultivated on the platform are directly connected.

More is yet to come!

We are thrilled to see what the future brings to us and all these favorable “winds” show that we are definitely following the right track together.


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