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JuicyFields Newsletter: Dutch Pharmaceutical Solutions produces JuicyFlash

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JuicyFields Newsletter: Dutch Pharmaceutical Solutions produces JuicyFlash

Juicy Fields Review – Your top profitable cannabis business from €50

Find out all there is to know about crowdgrowing and JuicyFields!

One week has passed since AMA Day and the news brought to us during this virtual celebration is also carried over to today’s newsletter. A topic that is extremely interesting for many e-growers, the new cultivation locations of the Juicy-Flash category are moving into focus today, together with the new partner, Dutch Pharmaceutical Solutions. As many of you already know, the Juicy Flash are the best-selling plants, mainly due to their low starting price of 50 euros and an enormous return of 33-66% after 108 days. Thus, they are very popular with the growing e-grower community. So, it is all the more gratifying that the supply of production capacities for this category continues to grow. You should read on to find out more details:

JuicyFields Newsletter: Dutch Pharmaceutical Solutions produces JuicyFlash

Very warm greetings to our Juicy Community!

A new week has just begun and we can’t wait to share some sunny news all the way from Costa Rica with you!

Our inspiring leader and CEO – Alan Glanse had already mentioned in the past AMA session about partnering with a new company, which we had mentioned to you a couple of months ago in one of our newsletter topics dedicated to Costa Rica and now, it is finally official.

JuicyFields Newsletter: Dutch Pharmaceutical Solutions produces JuicyFlash
The Dutch Pharmaceutical solutions (DPS) company with a 37,986 square meter farm in the San Carlos canton, located in the Alajuela province of Costa Rica, will now start to cultivate our most popular JuicyFlash category.

On a side note, the DPS CEO – Peter Kruissen,  introduced himself to us at the AMA session and quickly showed us the facilities in a live call.

Generally speaking, the DPS‘s team has a rich history of successful working experience in the agricultural, agroforestry and pharmaceutical industries in the Netherlands, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

Previously the company has been specializing on growing Raicilla plant which is highly effective anti-cancer treatment and now the focus of further development has shifted towards medical cannabis due to many reasons, the main one of which is – accelerated growth of the industry, greater governments allowances and economical perspectives considering that Raicilla produces 1 harvest in 3 years whereas cannabis gives 3 harvests per 1 year.

As of today the main buildings and greenhouses have been already constructed and allow us to plant 100 clones of JuicyFlash per week that will grow with time up to 1000 clones weekly.

While the outlined design above already executed, the next step is building the additional brandnew greenhouses with fully automated systems, Research and Development Center as well as a Lab.

Based on the analysis of Thomas Walker – JuicyFields Chief Cannabis Agronomist, these facilities are fully compliant for the most crucial operations, such as harvesting, trimming, potting, transplanting and storage that all can be performed to a high level of quality.

According to Thomas “The combination of biological controls and organic pesticides used together with 1000w HPS lights will ensure excellent results”.

We understand that our e-growers strive to order more plants and especially the JuicyFlash category. Therefore we act on this demand with an objective to go beyond the limit of 1000 with a help of DPS.

Besides, JuicyFields welcomes all inspiring tech and engineering ideas that can be developed further and implemented together with our experts of medical cannabis. Please let us know by shooting an email at agro@juicyfields.io.

We are thrilled to drive the industry forward together!


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Juicy Fields Review – Your top profitable cannabis business from €50Find out all there is to know about crowdgrowing and JuicyFields!


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