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JuicyFields Newsletter – Expansion and Growth

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JuicyFields Newsletter – Expansion and Growth

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Find out all there is to know about crowdgrowing and JuicyFields!

JuicyFields Newsletter – Expansion and Growth

JuicyFields has been expanding and growing for quite some time now. In today’s newsletter you can find out some updated harvest reports and news about the overall business performance in the first half of 2021, as provided by JuicyFields. Also there is news concerning the ongoing expansion in Europe. Have fun reading!

The Year so far, at a Glance

JuicyFields Newsletter - Expansion and GrowthThe ripe, Juicy numbers and overall business performance from the first half of 2021 are in!

Our faithful subscribers and e-growers are real time witnesses of the company’s achievements and you can track the gradual small steps and giant leaps that are being made either through our social media channels or here, presented to you every week in our newsletter.

And now the time has come to summarize those results and show some of the number crunching from “behind the scenes”.

Considering that JuicyFields has introduced such a unique ecosystem connecting growers with e-growers, the expenses of the business are kept to a minimum, we play an intermediary role and create a demand for cultivating medicinal cannabis on the global market, there will always be room for profits for our partners.

The constant, positive legal changes inspire new players and entrepreneurs to enter the industry and contribute to the common growth, benefiting the cannabis industry and community world wide. They also result in growth of our cultivation areas.


JuicyFields Territories


And certainly the expansion of our territories leads to higher production volumes. As of today we have reached 36,497kgs 587 g with a plan to collect not less than 70,000 kgs by December 31st, 2021.


Additionally, owing to the huge splash that we made at the Expo in Mexico in June, with our banners being pretty much on every major street and our sponsored trucks circulating around, not to mention the widespread coverage of the Expo itself, our Juicy community has made a humongous step forward and has reached a whopping 120,000 users as of July 2021 as we mentioned in a previous newsletter.

JuicyFields Newsletter - Expansion and GrowthBelow you can view the growth that tracks the number of users registering on the website. Even though it would be fair to say that not all of them have turned into our wonderful e-growers as of yet, nevertheless they can do at any moment 🙂


We are certainly exhilarated with showing our business powers at present and can say that there will be 7 confirmed business events over the course of the next months that we hope you can join!


Apart from all the exciting events, being a true leader, JuicyFields is looking for ways to improve and keep the highest standards possible.

Therefore, we would like to share our recent purchase of the device that was made for quality assurance.


JuicyFields Newsletter – Expansion and Growth – JuicyFields Explorations


As the producers claim, this “diagnostic and data solution simplifies cannabis analysis, so you know what you’re breeding, growing, buying, selling, or consuming”.

We are going to test drive this device in practice to see whether it can help us to ensure the same standards all around partners locations and be even more precise for calculating harvest times.

Considering that this gadget combines motion mechanics with three state of the art analytical metrics – Near Infrared Spectrometry, Image Analysis and Machine Learning, looks like the precise results can be pretty much guaranteed. So we will test it first and then share the data of the outcome.

If you have any other innovative device that you believe can be helpful at any stage of cultivation, production or packaging, please share it with us at test@juicyfields.io

We follow the principle of “More partners – More profits for everyone”, therefore, the best devices will receive an official acknowledgement saying “Verified and recommended by JuicyFields”.



From Berlin to Zurich – JuicyFields Continues the Worldwide Roadshow

Right from the very beginning we are happy to give you a quick overview of the successful ICBC Expo that took place in Berlin from August 26th to 27th, where JuicyFields was honored to be a title sponsor.

Such Expos provide a great opportunity to meet with our current partners to discuss the current plans and progress. This time we were fortunate to meet with Ayman Galbeed and Anders Asgreen from Cannabis International, Denmark. It was very useful for both parties, as JuicyFields is supporting the construction of our new shared GMP facility.

The project is strong and in the infancy stage but well on the way and still requires ~3 mln. euros to get lifted to the next level, we are super happy we can find young entrepreneurs that are so proactive and motivated and help to support them.

You can watch a video that shows a brief overview of the company and facilities we have in Denmark so far by following this link.


One of the hottest topics at this conference was how to keep the industry, and by proxy the money and profits, out of the hands of the mega corporations and big pharma. Many of the new friendships and partnerships made include people and teams who are grassroots and growing, they are the community based people who have either built their business from the ground up or are innovating in ways the industry hasn’t seen yet, truly some exciting new JuicyProjects coming your way soon!

Our booth was constantly buzzing with the curious and interested, interacting with our team to see how we can all benefit and collaborate to push the industry forward whilst maintaining the great profits involved for all. As JuicyFields is an all encompassing cannabis company we were able to form new relationships and partnerships that will allow our company, which includes our e-growers, investors, partners and supporters; to help dominate the coming the explosion in growth and keep the industry within the hands of the grassroots and cannabis community in which we all belong.

Viktor Bitner, a co-founder of JuicyGrow GMbH dba (doing business as) a crowdgrowing platform – JuicyFields.io has also participated in the business events and stated that soon we will deliver some news about legal changes in the company structure aimed to strengthen our financial powers.

Stay tuned on our social channels for the official ‘aftermovie’ of the conference in Berlin to see all the key highlights of the days.

The ICBC Team is now leading the way to Switzerland this week for another Global Investment Forum taking place in Zurich this week. And of course, we could not be missing this special event that once again will bring together key leaders from the industry for a special 2 day event.

Besides, the next CB Expo is just around the Zurich corner and we will be happy to meet everyone on September 11th and 12th!


JuicyFields Newsletter – Expansion and Growth

Part 2 -Amsterdam calling

Happy new Monday, Juicy Community!

We are very excited to deliver the news which a lot of you have secretly been waiting to happen. Already intrigued?

The Momentum to announce an opening of our new Juicy office in Amsterdam along with a company has come.

It happened just last week when we received the official registration of Juicy Holdings B.V. in the Netherlands and received the keys from the cozy and quite spacious office in what some deem to be the Capital of the Cannabis World.

Juicy Holdings B.V.
Rokin 92-96
1012 KZ, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
T.: + 31 (0)20 308 5715
E.: amsterdam@juicyfields.io


It is located just 5 minutes by walking from the famous Dam Square in Amsterdam and 10 minutes from Centraal Train station.

 South African Clubs

In the meantime, if we travel from Amsterdam all the way to the south and to Johannesburg in South Africa to be precise, we will reach more amazing news over there related to Canna Trade Africa, with whom a shareholders agreement has been signed earlier and which owns ‘The Greenside’ brand together with two classy cannaporiums and club venues in the heart of two of Johannesburg’s best neighbourhoods.

We are all anticipating JuicyFields signs to appear right at the entrance of the following club venues over the course of the next two weeks:

27 Gleneagles road, Greenside, Johannesburg, South Africa;

As we mentioned earlier, the management of Canna Trade Africa has plans for expanding into other cities of Pretoria and Cape Town within the next year.

What does this mean for us?

The Juicy affiliation will allow everyone to taste and test-drive Juicy product categories that are cultivated. And certainly, these venues are proud to offer a huge product range in all categories – medicinal oils, powders, tinctures, cosmetics and that makes a perfect match with JuicyFields objectives and vision.
Apart from that, numerous household goods as well as anything you need for cultivation can be found on the Greenside e-store.

Welcome to the green side, dear e-growers!

Are you a faithful participant of the JuicyFields community?

We want to make sure that you do not miss the latest content that we are posting on a daily basis across our Juicy social channels.

In case you are new to the JuicyFields family and haven’t been up to date with the latest company updates, make sure to watch our latest monthly report right here. People interested in educational content will enjoy our series of videos JuicyNews, whereas our latest video about the history of legalizing marijuana demonstrates the hard efforts that allowed us to reach these accomplishments.

And finally, our very own show – JuicyTalks shows the real stories of influential people from the industry. Take for example our latest talk with Pablo Fazio, the President of the Argentine Chamber of Cannabis, where he shares the objectives of why this chamber was created as well as gives us his impression on the future of cannabis.

This is just to give you a little overview of what’s to come.

We look forward to e-meeting you all on Social Media!


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