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JuicyFields Newsletter: Hitting New Highs

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JuicyFields Newsletter: Hitting New Highs

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JuicyFields Newsletter: Hitting New Highs

JuicyFields has grown to the staggering size of over 100,000 users! Today’s newsletter is about the cooperation with charitable organizations, the Valencia Club and the upcoming expos in Berlin and Africa. Have fun while reading!

JuicyFields Newsletter: Hitting New Highs

Hitting New Highs!

Greetings our dear community,

We are extremely proud and excited to announce about hitting 100.000 JuicyFields users registered to the platform as of the beginning of this month!

Apparently, July has prepared even more surprising news to the global cannabis community.
And this time the legislation related to Marijuana has been changed in Belize.


It would be pleasing to think that our recent Cannabis EXPO combined with other activities in the Latin American countries has influenced the Belizean government to change the legislation seeing a new trend.

Nevertheless, we have a right to believe that JuicyFields contributed to this positive change.
A new Bill allows the cultivation, processing, distribution and delivery of cannabis in the country. This is a huge political shift followed by the creation of the “Industrial Hemp and Cannabis Control Commission” that was formed to control all the processes on the official and legislative level.

Apart from that, we can announce a new partnership with United Greenhouse that became clear right after the successful Expo in Mexico.

Besides, our KANAMU 593 partners from Ecuador have successfully received a licence for products with high THC content and we are negotiating the terms of cooperation with the group of attorneys in order to be fully prepared for any changes in our industry.


Implementing Charitable Initiatives

JuicyFields Newsletter: Hitting New HighsJuicyFields is currently supporting charitable initiatives devoted for research and development of medicinal cannabis, high THC products as well as scientific research projects with Universities. We can also say that considering ourselves a socially responsible business, there will be a Foundation created in the near future with the first planned ~1.000.000 EUR contribution for more effective progress of these activities.

In the meantime, we are already in the process of organizing the next educational session in Portugal where the following representatives of medicine and science will be invited – Dr. Flavio Zepeda Palacios from Cannatux/RIBERA SHOP, Dr. Juan Antonio Loza Gallardo from CANNA CARE and many others. And we certainly hope that no COVID restrictions nowadays will become an obstacle for participants of this promising event.

Besides, we can surely say about the ongoing negotiations with such influential leaders as Dr. Luis David Suarez Rodriguez, the President at Asociacion Mexicana de Medicina Cannabinoide and Jiangsu Wongpec, the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Alianza Latinoamericana de la Cannabis. Both of them were the speakers at the Cannabis EXPO Mexico.

Furthermore, the cooperation on a scientific level has already been established with the University of the West Indies in Barbados and its Deputy Dean & Senior Lecturer in Pharmacology – Damian Cohall. From JuicyFields side the research project is headed by Dr. Yesid A. Ramirez.


JuicyFields Newsletter: Hitting New HighsWe clearly understand that considerable change needs to be done in the real world where people are fighting diseases and symptoms daily. This is exactly where medicinal cannabis should get involved to become the life-changer.

Therefore, JuicyFields will definitely invest into the research of the medicinal cannabis uses and provide support to the industry in every possible way that we can.

Apart from that, being a Cannabis Scientific Researcher at JuicyFields, Yesid has just completed the first round of free conferences about the use of cannabis as medicine for members of historically discriminated indigenous communities in Colombia. These seminars turned out into one beautiful, resourceful and successful event that combined essential theory and practice.



JuicyFields Newsletter: Hitting New Highs – Valencia Club

JuicyFields Newsletter: Hitting New HighsAs our dear e-growers are aware and anticipating the arrival of JuicyHigh, a little update detailing the process and current situation.

Spain has suffered a bit of an upheaval in recent months in regards to legitimate Cannabis Associations commonly referred to as Cannabis Clubs. Due to Spain having quite a varied and autonomous system when carrying out legislation we have experienced quite a ride and much resistance in making this dream project a reality.

The challenges we have overcome and still face are numerous, and we will detail them in a mini documentary after opening so you can see our constant state of joy and despair throughout this whole process!

JuicyHigh now has the approval from local and national government agencies with all parties involved at this stage content and eager to see JuicyHigh succeed. JuicyHigh is officially registered as an NPO and has a wonderful property for us to transform into the Juicy way.

Our main challenge is that of time, for things to be done properly and last generations, the correct foundations must be laid, we have done this labour and are on the finishing touches. Infact, once insurance is completed and bank accounts accepted we have full access to the property for a fast refurb to the JuicyVibe and within weeks the association will be welcoming our beloved e-growers as members to enjoy another great step in the Juicy timeline.


JuicyFields Newsletter: Hitting New Highs – Expos

JuicyFields Newsletter: Hitting New HighsAfter the success in Mexico, we hope to see all of you that didn’t have a chance to make it there, in any other part of the world where we are participating in the biggest cannabis expos.

More specifically, we have the ICBC Conference coming up on the 26th to 27th of August in Berlin, where we are proud title sponsors. We will also be hosting a VIP party on the 25th of August, at a beautiful venue overlooking the Berlin rooftops.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we are after that heading towards the African continent and to South Africa to be precise, where we will be joining The Cannabis EXPO team once again for the biggest cannabis expo in Africa.

Hope to see you there between the 16th to 19th of September!


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