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JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Academy & Expo

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JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Academy & Expo

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JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Academy & Expo

Hello Juicers, in this newspaper you can find out about the new Juicy Academy, founded by Thomas Walker. There is also a short text about the expo in Mexico, which is already over though, a full review will follow next week, so stay tuned!

Surprise Package: 1+1 Promo for the EXPO, Juicy Academy & More


JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Academy & ExpoGreetings from Latin America, our dear e-growers!

The first stone for the JuicyAcademy has been laid successfully by Thomas Walker.

The hands on training for mature growers was so successful that JuicyFields management decided to found an Academy and provide a quality educational system to those who are serious about the cannabis cultivation industry, with the possibility of  employment by JuicyFields partners and by us directly after attendance. You can start submitting your CVs already at academy@juicyfields.io

The details of the courses and programs are still in the development stage, these things are just technicalities where as the executive decisions have been made and the foundations ready. The dates of new training will be announced soon.

In the meantime, we would like to share the moments and the impressions of the first participants of the first training held in Colombia. And certainly, there was of course, no course is complete without Juicy certification!

The 6-day training course covered all topics of medicinal cultivation, which is the most stringent of markets. Some of the topics discussed can be found below.


The theory training was followed up by a visit to a nearby cannabis producer to familiarize the attendees with the operational processes and environment of cannabis cultivation.

JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Academy & ExpoThe long-awaited Green Tour has finally taken place in sunny Colombia at our partners, Kannabyte, where we had our most passionate supporters visit the plantations and greenhouses.

EXPO – JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Academy & Expo

And now we are moving to the capital of Mexico, where the grand event of the year will be held this week! Yes, how time flies and we are making all final preparations, participating in press conferences and helping the exhibitors of The Cannabis EXPO Mexico!

You can see JuicyFields trucks driving all around Mexico city these days pretty much as frequently as public transport!

JuicyFields management has come up with another great surprise for everybody who doesn’t want to miss this huge event in the Santa Fe Expo location so we organised 1+1 Tickets promo, meaning “Buy One, Get One Ticket for Free”!

The Expo dates are 24th and 25th of June, so you still have time to organise your trip.

The countdown has begun.

JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Academy & ExpoThe program has been already finalized and we will have many wonderful and knowledgeable speakers talking about the current hot topics in the cannabis industry.

And last but not least, a surprise which is our topping on the cake to make sure the Juicy arrival is seen and heard!  The premiere of the First JuicyFields Music Video called ‘Money Green’ with Veysel and Alan Glanse which will be premiered at the Expo in Mexico!

JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Academy & ExpoPlease share this historical moment with us and we promise a lot of fun and many more surprising gifts too!


See you there!


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