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JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Lands Grow Faster Than Cannabis Plants

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JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Lands Grow Faster Than Cannabis Plants

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It’s that time of the week again, the latest JuicyFields newsletter is online. Don’t miss out on the latest information:

JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Lands Grow Faster Than Cannabis Plants


Please fasten your seatbelts, our dear community members, and get ready for some big news:)

It’s been one year since the launch of our JuicyFields project. Starting from scratch we have been able to build up some impressive figures in these past 12 months thanks to the growth of our international team and e-growers.

The JuicyFields crowdgrowing movement has led us to secure access to 91 750 square meters of our partners lands and properties combined, including 4 500 sqm of new space that will be added over the course of the next months.

If we total these figures we see that we have 29 181 sqm area to be used for cultivation and 3 319 sqm footage available, with an additional 54 750 square meters for facilities awaiting construction.

JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Lands Grow Faster Than Cannabis Plants

We are really proud and grateful to all of you for making these stunning numbers a reality. These results make us determined to move no other way but forward.


JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Lands Grow Faster Than Cannabis PlantsAnd of course a constant growth of external resources requires growth of internal capacities and capability, therefore we are happy to announce the appointment of a Chief Operating Officer of JuicyFields – Clifford Giesenow, who will be guiding the operations of our JuicyFields community.

With an MBA degree and extensive experience, that includes such executive roles as founder, CEO, and shareholder in multiple Cannabis companies Clifford brings his expertise in the cannabis industry to our team, and we believe he will drive our Juicy vision even higher.

Additionally, Clifford is a founding member of the Cannabis Trade Association of Africa (CTAA).

We understand the importance of team members and therefore our tough competition for such executive positions allows us to select passionate gurus. At the end of the day, these are key people backed up by a reliable team who drive all of us further.

And for an executive like Clifford it is crucial to join a successfully operating company with a fully functional platform, actual business contracts with reliable partners and their operating production facilities aboard that serves our model and our beloved community.


JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Lands Grow Faster Than Cannabis PlantsYou can be sure that soon we’ll announce a new office in Johannesburg along with new plantations, where we will happily invite our e-growers.

Currently, JuicyFields is scaling on the African continent and is present in South Africa, Ghana and Zimbabwe, whereas our forward-thinking brings us to establishing in Morocco, Uganda and Malawi.

As you can see, we intend to stand with the amazing African continent and to firmly and diligently work to the advantage of our Juicy Community.

And now we wish you a wonderful week ahead, Juiciers!


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