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JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Store is open

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JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Store is open

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JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Store is open

Great news this week for all Juicy fans! The Juicy Shop has opened its virtual doors. Also in this Newsletter: A report of the webinar “Women in Cannabis”, more about the Juicy Academy and news of Cannabis legalization. Have fun reading!

JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Store is open

Getting acquainted to true Medicinal Cannabis Leaders

Happy beginning of the new week, dear JuicyFields Community,

Since we have entered a new summer month, it’s time for some more refreshing news!

JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Store is open

The first thing we would like to announce is related to our long-awaited online store full of Juicy products and useful goodies!

Please welcome JuicyShophttps://juicyshop.io !

It would be fair to note that at the beginning we prepared everything in accordance with the current European Union regulations, such as some clothing, lighters, grinders, pens,  totebags and other souvenirs. However, we are working towards producing some innovative cannabis consumer goods designed specially for our wonderful community.

You can be sure that our team is working hard to make the product range wider! This will be an interesting adventure for all of you to follow and stay tuned.

Check out our store and register so not to miss out on your new favorite stylish gifts.

And now , for the ‘Women in Cannabis’ Webinar.


Women in Cannabis’ Webinar

JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Store is openAs promoted before, we had our 4th webinar edition on the 28th of July, 2021 and this time it was all about highlighting the incredible women we have in the industry.

We had an amazing lineup of women and inspiring leaders, all of them from different backgrounds and stories to share from their experience in the industry.

However it would be fair to note, that halfway into the webinar, we experienced a platform malfunction, and unfortunately, the webinar was not able to continue live. On behalf of the entire Juicy team we would like to express our deep apologies and thank everyone who signed up and joined the past session. The video recording with the most interesting highlights will be uploaded to our YouTube channel later tonight.

We certainly will not leave such a wonderful event unfinished and therefore will inform you on a new date for the same webinar in the near future, which in our opinion, would be a sin to miss.

And now on a more positive note let’s have a look at the webinar’s summary and the key highlights that were discussed during the evening.


Juicy Academy

There are many self labeled “advisors” all over the Internet and the current biggest problem for everybody is to find those true knowledgeable advisors and experts whom you can trust.

Therefore, JuicyFields continues resourceful educational sessions and this time they happened in Portugal at Sabores Purpura under the attentive and expert guidance of Shlomo Booklin and Miguel Silva.

These knowledge Gurus have presented all details and requirements in regards to the construction of greenhouses and laboratories as well as highly essential tips on EU GMP and GMP practices.

Not forgetting to include the complex processes of export from such “heaven-like” countries for medicinal cannabis as Costa Rica, Colombia and Mexico to the European Union.

JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Store is open – Part 2

Another Legal Victory Medicinal Marijuana and More Juicy Activities

JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Store is openGood day our dear e-growers and followers,

We have just entered the last week of July but yet, we have one more summer month full of exciting online and offline events!

Your attendance to at least some of them would be the best gratitude and gift for our Juicy team and partners.

In the meantime, we have the best news that we always want to learn and share about – The Colombian government has officially allowed export of dried medicinal cannabis flower.

According to President Iván Duque “The export of dried cannabis flower, for medicinal use, will be allowed in the legal field through the new decree that will be issued. This is fundamental because we cannot forget that this is a market that in the world is estimated to be around 62 trillion dollars by the year 2024, I think it is very good news”.

Additionally the president noted that he will increase investments in the country exceeding 250 million dollars that will eventually add considerable value to the industry.

This way, Colombia has made another strategic move and joined Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay and Canada that already export cannabis flower.

And certainly, this is the best type of news for our TERRA CANN and Kannabyte partners from Colombia, whose expansion plans are being implemented as we speak.

Furthermore, this recent bill has instantly motivated over 100 entrepreneurs from the industrial and medical cannabis production chain to request an allowance for the export of dried flowers.
Well, what can we say now? Medicinal cannabis is gradually gaining its rightful place in terms of legal, social and mainstream recognition and JuicyFields is proud to be their supporting this positive movement.

JuicyFields Newsletter: Juicy Store is openOn yet another business note, JuicyFields has become a sponsor of a truly prospective series of networking events organized by Cannabis Startups. These guys have already had a blast in the past weeks, hosting 6 meetups in 6 different cities in the South of Germany! And they are not stopping there. On the contrary, armed with the JuicyFields support and cooperation they are all looking forward to meeting more founders, investors, exciting projects and entrepreneurs this summer at the Trinity College Dublin, as well as in Berlin, Hamburg, Mannheim, Frankfurt, and Köln!

In simple words, what Cannabis-Startups.com does is provide an exceptional opportunity for young entrepreneurs and people willing to work in the cannabis industry and showcase themselves. Founders called Makers will get support when they fastrack their innovation process with Cannabis-Startups.

The team participates in over 100+ events around the globe to find the most promising innovations and Makers to back. The funding process is easy to apply within 5 minutes and whoever wants to have a chat beforehand feel free to reach out to Falk Altenhöfer.

So, we are pretty sure that more fruitful bonds and cooporations in the industry are coming and JuicyFields is extremely happy to play the role of an accelerator of networking on an international scale.

For now, you can enjoy the photos from the past meetups together with JuicyFields below and watch a video showing the great, positive vibes of fun and business colliding!

It’s a fantastic idea for all entrepreneurial  juicy followers to watch out for more meetups with Cannabis Startups.

And last, but not the least, we would like to remind you about the upcoming 4th Webinar on July 28th dedicated to Women in the Cannabis Industry.


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