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JuicyFields Newsletter: JuicyFields Africa Pty Ltd. started

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JuicyFields Newsletter: JuicyFields Africa Pty Ltd. started

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JuicyFields Newsletter: JuicyFields Africa Pty Ltd. started


JuicyFields’ expansion continues. In this newspaper you can find out everything about the founding of JuicyFields Africa. Have fun reading!


Making South Africa Juicier and Greener

Winter Greetings from South Africa, dear community 🙂

JuicyFields Newsletter: JuicyFields Africa Pty gegründet
Today we would like to share some exciting news that is happening at the very moment we speak, down to the efforts of our Chief Operating Officer – Clifford Giesenow.

We mentioned our plans to setup an office in South Africa in a previous newsletter and now the reality is getting closer with firm actions taking place in Johannesburg and the new JuicyFields Africa Pty Ltd. company has been setup. This way, the Juicy fresh and quality buds and products will be shortly distributed in that part of the world when possible.

In the meantime, Clifford Giesenow and Alan Glanse are doing everything possible to establish a smooth and reliable supply chain of Juicy flowers and products in South Africa with the help of the successfully operating ‘Greenside’ cannaporiums clubs and e-stores.

Juicy executives have already reached a shareholders agreement with CannaTradeAfrica that owns ‘The Greenside’ two exciting cannaporiums and club venues right in the heart of two of Johannesburg’s best neighbourhoods. They will be expanding into other cities of Pretoria and Cape Town within the next year.


Additionally, these guys have several web resources including a huge Fresh and Healthy e-store that offers a variety of, well, fresh and healthy, locally grown, organic fruit and vegetable boxes that are always seasonal! And there is a special section dedicated to the most interesting for our community – The Green Side extensive range of canna products presented at the offline venue.


Furthermore, CannaTradeAfrica will make sure that the Juicy affiliation and our signage will be demonstrated in the near future at the club premises and on their website.JuicyFields Newsletter: JuicyFields Africa Pty Ltd. started

This also means that two hot cannabis product touchpoints and showrooms of ‘The Greenside’ will soon give you an opportunity to taste and experience Juicy product categories that are cultivated owing to our e-growers efforts :).

And last but not least, JuicyFields Africa has further expansion intentions backed up by business deals in South Africa in progress with two other licensed cultivators near Cape Town and in the Eastern Cape. Both in excellent Cannabis growing climates with very good operators. This way, we will have at least another 1000 sqm added to our Juicy Empire.

That’s leading us to greater capacities in terms of the number of plants that can be cultivated and greater number of plants available to e-growers on the platform.

Great start to the summer, or winter for our South African friends.


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