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JuicyFields Newsletter: New Country, New Event and Juicy Club

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JuicyFields Newsletter: New Country, New Event and Juicy Club

JuicyFields Newsletter Neues Land, neues Event und Juicy Club

JuicyFields Newsletter: New Country, New Event and Juicy Club


Good day our Juicy followers,

Right after St. Valentine’s day   we would like to take a moment and say how much we appreciate your passion and support of our crowdgrowing movement. We love what we do and without you nothing would happen  .

However, we do not like talking without acting and therefore we prepared the first part of the news that will demonstrate our true devotion to the cannabis industry.

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The Largest European Cannabis Conference

JuicyFields Newsletter: New Country, New Event and Juicy Club

JuicyFields Newsletter: New Country, New Event and Juicy ClubJuicyFields is going to be a Title Sponsor of a very prestigious and the largest European trade show in our industry – International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) with a dedicated Juicy zone solely for us.

This remarkable business event is changing perception and acceptance of cannabis in the world arena and will be held on 7-8-9 July, 2021. This is going to be the 4th edition of the event and it is expected to become a meeting point for over 150 exhibitors and sponsors as well as 1000 visitors. Previously this trade show succeeded to unite executives, entrepreneurs and policymakers from over 60 nations that are serious about doing business in the European sphere and beyond.

And certainly, this year is going to be very special for JuicyFields for the very simple reason that we are ready to join and stay true to our plans.


Entering New Cannabis-Friendly Country

JuicyFields Newsletter Neues Land, neues Event und Juicy ClubJuicyFields has applied to the licenses allowing cultivation and processing of cannabis for medicinal purposes in Aruba country – a tiny island in the Carribean Sea that is situated to the north of Venezuela.

On a side note, Aruba is one of the few countries in the world with a positive and progressive vision regarding medicinal cannabis that tries to strengthen its economy. Previously the country’s economy was mainly dependent on tourism.

Meanwhile, the government initiated granting permits for the cultivation, processing, and exporting of medicinal cannabis and JuicyFields could not stay away and applied to the program that was reopened on 22nd of January, 2021 by the Bureau of Medicinal Cannabis.

That means that the number of countries as well as the list of partners on the world map will increase soon.


JuicyHigh Venue

JuicyFields Newsletter: New Country, New Event and Juicy Club

JuicyFields Newsletter Neues Land, neues Event und Juicy ClubIt’s been a while when we haven’t mentioned anything about our Spanish Hub and the main reason is that we were getting ready to deliver the news.

JuicyHigh is one step closer to completion! We are now signing documents on the venue now that all legal and social checks have been completed. JuicyHigh represents a lot of the values that are installed at JuicyFields. We will be able to offer patients a classy and professional venue to where they can purchase and enjoy their mellow medicine.

Being an NPO (Non-Profit Organization) means that patients and users can be sure that we are not seeking profit and purely giving back to the community, a true first of its kind!
Charity activities and supporting local organizations are the top priorities for us to complete.

JuicyHigh will be the first of its kind and first in its class in the industry, innovating and showing what is possible within the medicinal marijuana industry. Based in the cultural heart of Valencia we will offer both public and private rooms for relaxation or work, whichever you prefer!

COVID has slowed us down slightly but we still envisage to be open within the Spring and to invite all members to come and visit our cozy lounges and chilling areas.

What makes us unique is the fact that anyone in that studio can legally take cannabis. This cannot be done in many countries at all.


Visit to Sabores Purpura

This weekend the JuicyFields team visited Sabores Púrpura with some investors, including Alan Glanse, CEO of JF and Zvezda Lauric, network journalist for JF. They met Miguel Silva, CEO of Sabores Púrpura, and his wife Sofía.


A lot of questions were asked, they showed all the facilities to the interested parties, they had lunch together and in the afternoon they were taken to another plot of land where they will build a 5000 m2 greenhouse and where they will gradually set up a total of 54 JuicyBoxes.

– Additional information: A JuicyBox costs 80,000 euros and three times a year a harvest of 20,000 euros is predicted.


In the evening, Miguel and Sofia invited the visitors to their house for dinner and a Hungarian couple who are buying a JuicyBox also came. Both JF and Sabores Púrpura are doing an excellent job. The visit to the plantation left a good impression on all visitors and their trust in JF was strengthened by the trip.

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