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JuicyFields Newsletter: Partners Tour – Kannabyte, Sabores Purpura, Dutch Pharmaceuticals Solutions and Cannabis-International ApS

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JuicyFields Newsletter: Partners Tour – Kannabyte, Sabores Purpura, Dutch Pharmaceuticals Solutions and Cannabis-International ApS

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JuicyFields Newsletter: Partners Tour – Kannabyte, Sabores Purpura, Dutch Pharmaceuticals Solutions, Cannabis-International ApS

This week, the Havanna Investors Club presents you with yet another interesting JuicyFields newsletter. Todays issue is all about the partners tour and expansion plans in Southamerica. If you wish to watch the complete video of the virtual partners tour, click on the link at the end of this article. Read on to find out more…

Virtual Partners Tour & Inspiring Future Plans

It’s Juicy News Time!

Very warm greetings to our wonderful community 🙂

In today’s edition of the newsletter we would like to go over some of the most interesting parts of the past Webinar held on April 26th that was hosted by Fanny Skoglund – Head of arketing and Zvezda Lauric – Business Development and Public Relations.
The full version can be accessed here for you to review and to make sure you haven’t missed a word 🙂 We had four resource rich presentations made by our partners from all over the world: Kannabyte (Colombia), Dutch Pharmaceutical Solutions (Costa Rica), Cannabis-International ApS (Denmark) and Sabores Púrpura (Portugal).
JuicyFields Newsletter: Partners Tour - Kannabyte, Sabores Purpura, Dutch Pharmaceuticals Solutions and Cannabis-International ApS
The first speaker was the Chairman of the Board of Kannabyte – Sergio Londono started with sharing his personal story related to his involvement into the cannabis industry, considering his background and 12+ experience was based in financial management and investments.
Generally speaking, Colombia is moving forward relatively fast and is set to increase this pace after the Corona crisis subsides.
Currently, Uruguay is holding on to  the number one spot for country allowing both – recreational and medicinal cannabis industries to thrive in Latin America.On the other hand, Mexico is catching up and going to be among the leaders and big players in the next year with a view on dominance in the region.

Colombia is proud to be the 4th largest economy in LATAM and knows that it can increase its own market share with favourable legislation and infrastructure for strict international requirements.
Even though the licensing process is complicated, as it usually is everywhere, Kannabyte has all the rights to export cannabis-infused oils, even though the production process requires a lot more than simply exporting the dried flowers.Kannabyte keeps pushing the relevant ministries and assisting in compliance and legislation with all standards in order to obtain all licenses required for all in the industry.
In regards to the facilities, the main center is located in Guarne and has 2 lots ~35000 square meters each.Additionally, Kannabyte is looking for an opportunity to expand into a further 333,000 square meters of leased land in the Carmen de Atrato area.
Kannabyte strives for improvement in the technological factors as well and therefore has integrated blockchain traceability that adds huge value and transparency to everybody – from the production and quality assurance compliance to the end-customers who can obtain all info and nutrition of the plants simply by scanning its QR code. The blockchain system is designed to be a full visible trail from seed to customer.

Kannabyte and JuicyFields first meeting took place in August 2020 with a partnership forming by October of the same year, whereas the first harvest has already been collected in March 2021.
We thank Kannabyte for including us in their mission and understanding the bond between us, them and our e-growers and going the extra mile by including blockchain tech and opening their doors to us.

The next speakers to give us an insight into operations was – Aisha Acuña and Peter Kruissen presented Dutch Pharmaceuticals Solutions in Costa Rica.
Many of our community members have already seen Peter live on the previous AMA session, when he briefly showed us around the current  facility set up.

This time, after presenting several beautiful videos one of which was made in collaboration with Thomas Walker – JuicyFields Chief Agronomist, the speakers shared that they are currently putting a lot of efforts to obtain the right licenses allowing to create a full-cycle production of medical cannabis and replace raicilla which is currently growing there.
The next presentation was prepared by the Chief Operating Officer from Cannabis-International ApS in Denmark – Ayman Galbeed.

Ayman shared that the company is currently focusing on two things – Research and Development center and a trading license. They are also proud to be the 4th company in Denmark to offer medicinal products in the market since 2011 giving them an existing relationship to authority and decision makers there. .
The first production unit comprising of 5000 sqm together with the supporting units including the 402 sqm R&D center will be able to produce up to 40 000 KG of dried flowers annually.

The R&D center will allow for the setting and maintaining of high standards and regulate risk management, considering that the company’s aim is to bring the medicinal cannabis industry to the highest, standardized quality level, where every single procedure will be controlled meticulously.

Currently the team at Cannabis International works on obtaining the THC trading and distribution licenses and contracts with partners from Australia and other countries. So, the first – and most direct path will be building the export channel with THC in the end of 2021 – beginning of 2022.

The product range of the Cannabis International includes Cannabis Oil, dry flowers, creams and capsules.

Last, but not least we had Miguel Silva – CEO and Sofia Alexandra Lino Ferreira – CCO on behalf of Sabores Púrpura in Portugal.

These guys are proud to produce fantastic clones on the 15 000 square meters facility with the most advanced licence available in Portugal at the moment. Just like in any country, the government is strict and requires many audits, reports and quality standards that have to be maintained at all times and Sabores goes above and beyond many of these requirements.

The facilities are located in Algarve, Lisbon and Alentejo and are fully compliant with the GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices), EU GMP (EU Good Manufacturing Practices), GDP (Good Distribution Practices), certified by the Portuguese Medicines Agency and INFARMED, IP.

Additionally, Sabores Purpura practices IPM (Integrated Pest Management) techniques combined with Zero Residue eco-friendly solutions accounting for the local and international environment too.

In regards to the cooperation with JuicyFields, both companies share the same vision of building business around the world and therefore work closely by combining the efforts, knowledge, networking and experience.
On a side note, we are working on creating a schedule of our Juicy Green Tours and hope to present them to you in a couple of weeks so that our e-growers can start anticipating the exciting excursions and pack the luggage.

You can be sure that we’re looking forward to meeting our dear e-growers not only on the excursions to the partners facility, but certainly on the upcoming Expos in Berlin and Mexico as much as you do!

Let’s make it happen!


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Youtube Video to partner tour: LINK

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