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JuicyFields Newsletter: Reaching New Heights

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JuicyFields Newsletter: Reaching New Heights

JuicyFields Newsletter: Reaching New Heights

Hello Juicers, today we bring to you another fresh JuicyFields newsletter. Enjoy! If you don’t know JuicyFields yet, the following article might be interesting for you:

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The First Juicy Expo & the Array of New Events

Happy Monday, dear e-growers,

And welcome to the first day of spring!
We have promised you that more is yet to come and our plans are truly gaining speed!

The essence of today’s news is to show our current schedule regarding organising and attending Cannabis expos in the next few months of 2021!
We will be hosting several events to provide our community an opportunity to meet JuicyFields management and get to know all particular details about the industry and our long-term objectives directly.

So, take a look and see if you are eligible and able to join us! We hope to see as many of you as possible!


March 22nd
Anniversary AMA Assembly


JuicyFields Newsletter: Reaching New HeightsAn online event for all our e-growers, supporters, partners and the curious to ask our management, department leads and selected cultivator partners for discussions and queries relating to the JuicyFields project.

We will be live streaming from multiple locations giving presentations and lectures about how we operate in this innovative and exciting industry.

Pose questions and join discussions on multiple topics from legislation, cultivation, and scalability and the future of the industry and JuicyFields!

JuicyFields Newsletter: Reaching New Heights – Late April

Opening of JuicyHigh


JuicyFields NewsletterThe inauguration of JuicyFields flagship cannabis association in Valencia. Proving a new concept in the legal, professional, medical use of cannabis. Select invites will be given out to our top Juicers and supporters due to restrictions on travel and capacity due to COVID. However, once open we invite ALL our e-growers to become members and visit the future of cannabis in Europe.


Late May/Early June
The Cannabis Expo Mexico brought to by JuicyFields

The first Juicy Expo in late May/June this year hosted together with the big and experienced organizers of the largest cannabis event in Africa – The Cannabis Expo. Now we venture forward together into LATAM with the first Cannabis Expo partnered by JuicyFields in Mexico City.
We are very excited to have partnered with the fantastically experienced guys that brought the best Cannabis Expo to the African continent, to really launch Juicy into LATAM with positivity and intent.

This huge event can be considered as our statement, which we believe every e-grower is with us on – to say out loud that medical cannabis is vital for people, communities and governments and to help them realise the positive power marijuna can play on communities, healthcare, education, industry and the economy.

This event is not only a huge thing for Latin America countries and the International cannabis world, it is also an open gate organized for the JuicyFields community, whom we strive to meet in person and get together now that our business is established and growing.

Having such a strong partner as The Cannabis Expo onboard, will surely turn our event into an international marketplace for education, innovative products and businesses – in the same (super successful) way it’s done in South Africa.


The last African expo event took place in November 2020 on their online platform due to the COVID restrictions. We truly believe that this coronavirus wave will slow down and will allow us to host this event. So far the signs from local organisers and partners say this will be possible so stay tuned to our social media and newsletter updates for what will be a spectacular event in the capital of one of the most exciting new cannabis locations!

JuicyFields Newsletter: Reaching New Heights July 7th:

ICBC Global Investment Forum – Berlin


The ICBC Global Investment Forum is first and foremost an exclusive network. This network provides access to insider market info, capital investors, and exciting growth companies in the cannabis market. It’s sure to be an event not to miss for all those interested in the up and coming business ideas and innovation coming to the market.

JuicyFields are the main sponsors and partners for the VIP reception and for the pitch meetings. Our management, business development and sales teams will be present so will be a great opportunity to meet them in what promises to be an interesting evening of market and industry leaders and innovators. More details to follow on capacity, tickets and availability.

July 8th – 9th:

JuicyFields is the main title sponsor and partner for the Berlin International Cannabis Business Conference, which is the largest B2B trade event in Europe.

With executives, entrepreneurs and policymakers from over 60 nations, the Berlin B2B Conference is the foremost meeting point for all major cannabis companies with interest in doing business in the European sphere and beyond.

We are proud to sponsor such a prestigious event and to make our statement of intent be known!

Join JuicyFields at the ICBC, where the world meets cannabis!
More details to follow regarding tickets and availability.

2021 is shaping up to be a justifiably, jaw droppingly, joyous time for all involved at JuicyFields.

With much more to come before, after and in between stay tuned to all our social media channels for the latest updates and news!


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Juicy Fields Review – Your top profitable cannabis business from €50

“Crowd Growing” – Juicy Fields Review – Find out all about our experiences with JuicyFields!

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