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JuicyFields Newsletter: Sabores Purpura – Harvest Every Day!

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JuicyFields Newsletter: Sabores Purpura – Harvest Every Day!

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Find out all there is to know about crowdgrowing and JuicyFields!

JuicyFields Newsletter: Sabores Purpura – Harvest Every Day!

This weeks newsletter is all about the plantation in Portugal. Read to find out more!

Portugal: Harvest Every Day!

Greetings to our blooming community,

A very big thank you for all your reviews and believing in our crowdgrowing movement. Your cumulative efforts help us to expand as fast as our Juicy clones grow!

JuicyFields Newsletter: Sabores Purpura - Harvest Every Day!We are trying to show our gratitude in action and results and this time we have some flourishing news from our beloved Portuguese partner – Sabores Purpura.

A great batch of freshly collected wet medical cannabis is now getting ready to go through the drying stage and last preparations before the proper production process. The latter will be made with use of brand new equipment that is going to be delivered this month and installed shortly after.

You should have zero doubts by now that all equipment we have at our partner’s facilities is fully GMP compliant and optimized for European and International standards. The manufacturer of this cutting edge equipment has provided a fully automated production line that also includes automated packaging.

There will be two entirely different product lines launched in the near future under JuicyHigh brand – cannabis enriched tea bags and capsules.

The powerful machines will be capable of coping with 30 – 40 cannabis infused tea bags per minute as well as producing high content THC packed capsules at a rate of 25-30 bottles per minute.

JuicyFields Newsletter: Sabores Purpura - Jeden Tag ernten

In the meantime, all of us feel pretty happy about how things are going in Sabores Purpura. Every day our Portuguese colleagues are sorting everything manually while anticipating big changes that will come along with the effectiveness of the equipment.

We believe that our productive partnership will continue and bloom further allowing us to expand the product range considering the common objectives, standards and viewpoints we share with Sabores Purpura and look forward to strengthening our mutual strategic plans.

On a side note, if you would like to become our distributor of JuicyHigh products, large scale buyer or you are representing a pharmacy, find out the details of the benefits of cooperating with us be shooting an email to Daniel Kunisch at sales@juicyfields.io.

Additionally, we would like to announce that an impressive enlargement is also just around the corner. Our partners are planning to adjoin another large piece of land with the construction of a spacious greenhouse being confirmed already.
In case you are willing to become an investor and participate in this massive project, feel free to contact our investor relations manager – Roman Pfeiffer at roman@juicyfields.io


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