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JuicyFields Newsletter: South African Expansion, CannaYeza and Druids Holdings

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JuicyFields Newsletter: South African Expansion, CannaYeza and Druids Holdings

JuicyFields Newsletter AMA Sitzungsübersicht
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JuicyFields Newsletter: South African Expansion, CannaYeza and Druids Holdings

This week, the Havanna Investors Club presents you with yet another interesting JuicyFields newsletter. This week is all about the African Expansion and we are introduced to two more possible partners. Read on to find out more…


South African Expansion and Movements

Sunny greetings to you, our dear juicers!

We are full of energy and started a new week with the AMA session where we were taken on a tour around our global partners and also with some fresh news from South Africa, where our CEO – Alan Glanse and a recently joined COO – Clifford Giesenow are currently working to make our big plans a reality.

These JuicyFields executives also visited a number of licensed cultivation operations who we are confident will soon be partners.

JuicyFields Newsletter: Südafrikanische Expansion, CannaYeza und Druids Holdings

First of all, Alan and Clifford met with the management of the African Cannabis Expo event that’s held in South Africa several times a year in different cities, who are the co-organizers of the upcoming expo in Mexico this summer.
Considering that it will be the first JuicyFields event on such a global scale, it’s our mission to make it remarkable for all industry players.
Having such strong and experienced organizers aboard like these executives of The Cannabis Expo, we can only anticipate the greatest speakers, smartest logistics and a very warm welcome for every participant.

Just as a reminder, the Mexican Expo will be held on 10th and 11th of June in the central Expo Santa Fe México site followed by a VIP Gourmet dinner and big farewell party on June 12th.

JuicyFields Newsletter: South African Expansion, CannaYeza and Druids HoldingsAmong a number of new facilities and cultivators that were visited by Alan and Clifford, we have identified two main candidates that we aim to bring to the JuicyFields family and thereby multiply our growing powers in this exciting region.
The first licensed partner to join is CannaYeza, who are ready to come aboard along with their flourishing tunnels located just 30 minutes from central Johannesburg. These guys opened their doors wide open for us and are willing to participate and facilitate actively in any possible way. Visiting the next licensed cultivator, Alan and Clifford had a productive meeting with executives from Druids Holdings Ltd near Pretoria, the executive capital of South Africa, where they manufacture a wide range of high quality medicinal products that are marketed under the Druids Garden brand.

Both companies – CannaYeza and Druids Holdings have excellent facilities and are busy producing some of the first output crops under license in that part of the world.

JuicyFields Newsletter: Südafrikanische Expansion, CannaYeza und Druids HoldingsOn a side note, the South African medicinal cannabis environment remains very friendly and we are expecting to see further growth and legislation allowances from the Government there.
One of the best things that’s expected to happen is declaration of hemp as an agricultural crop along with a new policy and legislation for the commercialisation of cannabis by latest 2023.
Additionally, the cannabis industry in the country is estimated to be worth R27 billion (~$1.9 billion) by 2023, according to the Cannabis Development Council of South Africa. Globally, the industry is estimated to be worth $30 billion, increasing to $100 billion by 2030. And certainly, we are all super excited to be a part of these huge changes and to impact on the cannabis industry in every way we can in this wonderful country. The same applies to our e-growers, who are supporting all the favorable changes and JuicyFields activities by encouraging and taking part with us.

With the great sunlight and incredible climate, clean air and water, and friendly and experienced people, South Africa is set to become a key cultivation country in our Juicy Network.

Watch this space for more exciting things happening out of Africa and have a wonderful week ahead!


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