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JuicyFields Newsletter: Terra Cann Columbia & ICBC

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JuicyFields Newsletter: Terra Cann Columbia & ICBC

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Find out all there is to know about crowdgrowing and JuicyFields!

JuicyFields Newsletter: Terra Cann Columbia & ICBC

Today’s newsletter is in two parts. First you will find out everything about the new partner from Colombia! The second part is about ticket sales for the International Cannabis Conference in Berlin and the possible discounts through Juicy Fields. Have fun reading!


Part 1: Juicy Clones are Exploring New Lands

Very warm greetings from the Colombian plantations of a new JuicyFields partner!

JuicyFields Newsletter: Terra Cann Columbia & ICBCWe are very happy to announce that we have concluded a new deal with a company of over 40-years of agricultural experience – Terra Cann Columbia. This is a private, family owned business with an impressive ​​62,000 square meters now dedicated to cultivation of medicinal cannabis.

This new greenhouse is now getting through the last stages of preparation in order to welcome fresh Juicy clones starting as soon as next week – awaiting lighting and equipment to be installed along with other minor finishing touches.


The Co-Founder & CEO of TERRA CANN COLOMBIA – Licet Osorio is very excited not only for the mutual business goals with JuicyFields, but also in joining the Juicy team as a Chief Communication Officer in order to contribute her experience to the fullest.

The honorable mission that Licet puts in front of her company is to “Develop the industrial and medicinal cannabis sector1 in Colombia for the World, by providing organic products with high quality standards, complying with the certifications of ICA, Global GAP, good agricultural practices, BPN and safety, in such a way that they generate well-being to the population and industries that consume them.”

We all believe that this cooperation with such an experienced partner and professional like Licet Osorio will add more beautiful cannabis bouquets to our community.

Licet sees her company in 2025 to be in the top 10 of the best Colombian companies in the cannabis industry for medicinal purposes, recognized for supplying products derived from industrial and medicinal cannabis with high quality standards for European and American markets.

For all these years of business, TERRA CANN is used to working under the strictest legal framework established by the Colombian National Government and this is not just regarding expertise in cultivation.

JuicyFields Newsletter: Terra Cann Columbia & ICBC

Terra Cann Columbia SAS
NIT 901.203.028-6

Resolution 0000251 grants a License for the production of cannabis derivatives for domestic use and export for 5 years from February 25, 2020.

Resolution 0822 grants a License for the use of seeds for sowing in the modality of commercialization or delivery, for 5 years from July 19, 2019.

Resolution 1282 grants a License to cultivate non-psychoactive cannabis plants (import, export, planting, cultivation, production, acquisition of any title, storage, transport, marketing, distribution, use and distribution, use and holding of cannabis seeds for scientific and medicinal purposes, as well as for cultivation), for 5 years from October 11, 2019.

Resolution 0767 grants an Export License for the cultivation of psychoactive cannabis plants for domestic use and export, seed production and manufacture of derivatives for 5 years from June 12, 2020.

Resolution 00014481 certifies a registration as a Producer of sexual and asexual seed of psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabis on September 17, 2019.

Resolution 00014181 certifies a registration as an Agronomic Evaluation Unit for psychoactive and non-psychoactive cannabis on September 13, 2019.

Resolution 0338 certifies a registration with the National Drug Control Authority (Fondo Nacional de Estupefacientes) for having a license for the manufacture of cannabis derivatives made on July 6, 2020.

Resolution 9 1773 grants a Supplementary Quota for the cultivation of psychoactive cannabis plants in the modality of seed production for sowing on October 23, 2020.

Resolution 2017-2366 of August 1, 2017. Dumping permit granted by CORPOCALDAS. •
Resolution 2017-2365 of August 1, 2017. Surface water concession granted by CORPOCALDAS

More greenhouses lead to greater numbers of clones and e-growers’ abilities to participate in our crowdgrowing movement!

We are building our flourishing future right now with your help and humongous support – our dear e-growers.

Thank you all!


Part 2: Launch of Ticket Sales for ICBC Berlin & Special Juicy Discount

Hello our dear Juiciers,

JuicyFields Newsletter: Terra Cann Columbia & ICBCWe have some exciting news in regards to the largest Cannabis Expo in Europe – the International Cannabis Business Conference that will take place for the 4th time at Vienna House, Andel’s, Berlin from August 26th to 27th 2021.

Please note that the event’s dates have been changed by the organizer, the dates above are the newly confirmed dates.

The sales of tickets has begun and we offer you a special $150.00 discount for the first comers and early birds applicable to the offline visitors! There are three types of tickets available by following this link:

Berlin – Conference Ticket – $349.00 instead of $499.00*
The conference ticket provides access to the International Cannabis Business Conference on both dates of the event (26-27 August), including speaker sessions, exhibitor areas and networking app.

Berlin – VIP Ticket – $499.00 instead of $649.00*
Apart from the regular access to all business areas and speakers, the VIP ticket includes exclusive access to our VIP Lounge with the biggest industry players around.

ICBC Berlin – Virtual Ticket – $149.00*
We understand that there are more people willing to participate but it’s hard to get there physically. Therefore, we are offering a virtual ticket, allowing you to access the app and all sessions, available up to 48 hours after.

Three types of tickets design with discounts:
Berlin – Conference Ticket – $349.00* $499.00
Berlin – VIP Ticket – $499.00* $649.00
Berlin – Virtual Ticket – $149.00*

*Please note that all prices are listed without German VAT

Don’t forget that we currently have a competition in place, where you have the chance to win an exclusive VIP trip to Berlin and receive flights, hotel and tickets to the conference, all taken care of by JuicyFields.

Here’s a quick reminder of the competition terms:
1. Follow us on our social channels:

2. You need to have at least 3 active plants in order to enter the competition.
**Please note that this does not include JuicyFlash**
3. Please fill in this questionnaire so we know how to contact you.

Speaking of Germany, it has the largest marketplace allowing importing legal cannabis products on a large scale like no other country can. The forecasts show that German adult-use market will reach 8.5 billion Euros by 2028.

Just in 2020 alone Germany has imported approximately 9249 kilograms of legal medicinal cannabis flower and over 200 million Euros worth of cannabis oil in 2019.

It becomes more than evident every single day that the Medicinal Cannabis Industry is not rising, but booming and we are happy to be a part of it as well as being the proud title sponsor at the international conference event.

Can’t wait to meet you in Berlin, ladies and gents!



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