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JuicyFields Newsletter: Terra Cann Columbia

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JuicyFields Newsletter: Terra Cann Columbia

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JuicyFields Newsletter: Terra Cann Columbia

In this week’s Newsletter we get to know some details about the Terra Cann plantation in Columbia. There is also some news about the Juicy Academy. Read on to find out more…

JuicyFields Newsletter: Terra Cann Columbia

Connecting the Continents with JuicyFields

Greetings our dear e-growers,

We hope you are sitting comfortably to receive another portion of weekly news?

And before we go into our exciting topics too deeply, we would like to announce the next Expos where JuicyFields will proudly take part and where you have a chance to meet our cheerful team!

We are intending to participate in CB Expo in Zurich and in THE CANNABIS EXPO AFRICA in September, and also to show up at the Mary Jane Expo in Berlin in October among the next on the agenda!

In the meantime, we have fantastic goings on in the Latin American continents, with our Chief Operating Officer in Colombia and CEO of TERRA CANN – Licet Osorio taking the lead there.

From a legal perspective one of our partner’s facilities – TERRA CANN has already requested its new quota for cultivation in 2022 at the Ministry of Justice.

JuicyFields Newsletter: Terra Cann ColumbiaOur facilities are rapidly progressing to new levels for the construction of the 10,000 m2 automated greenhouses and lab. We foresee the excavator will start the grading process around July 14th, 2021, whereas a security electric fence has already been installed around the entire farm.


Additionally, TERRA CANN has passed an audit by authorities that have given us a permit for surface water and water discharges. The perimeter fence has also given us an advantage in the eyes of the Ministry of Justice and differentiated us from other applicants for quotas in the market.

Another update that we have is related to a new training program that we are organizing together with Thomas Walker and this time taking place in Portugal.

JuicyFields Newsletter: Terra Cann ColumbiaAs we have mentioned earlier, JuicyFields cares greatly about the quality of cannabis cultivation and we are the ones who can make the change and contribute by providing educational opportunities for our community!

This time we would like to invite those who are making their first steps in this field to our office in Portugal for 5 days of training consisting of 4 days of theory and 1 day of practice. By the end of the course, each participant will be awarded with a certificate.

Please apply by filling in the form by following this link.

So, if you have always wanted to learn what it means to be a professional grower and join the happy group of happy graduates of the Thomas Walker course, then this is your chance to begin!


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