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Masternode Sector explodes due to ION

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Masternode Sector explodes due to ION

Masternode Markt explodiert durch ION

Masternode Sector explodes due to ION

What happened?

A movement of 550 Bitcoin caused the value of the masternode sector to explode in the last 24 hours. This move upset the market because it was initially unclear what caused this sudden boom. Of course, such price jumps initially trigger euphoria among investors, but one should pause for a moment and question the reasons for such market movements, because these are not every day occurences, even in the crypto sector.

Masternode Sector explodes due to ION

So let’s take a closer look. If you look at the rates of the coins considered at masternode.online, the trained eye will immediately notice the much higher price of the ION coin. Our research showed that yesterday the coin was still trading at around USD 0.014 and today the last price on the “Bittrex” trading platform was 0.0259, almost 100 percent more. In the crypto market, something like this can have several reasons, for example a “Wall Street Bets” offensive, as we have already seen in the past with the “DOGE” Coin or “XRP”. Or an error could have occurred, for example in the network or in the blockchain of the masternode operator that falsified the course. The latter seems to be becoming more and more likely, because the trading market for ION on Bittrex has now been closed or suspended. The exact reasons for these occurences will probably only come to light in the coming days.

What can we learn from this event?

Masternode Sector explodes due to IONIt is not easy to analyze and understand the masternode sector, or crypto markets in general. I have often sat in front of my PC and wondered what triggered the latest price movement of Coin XY. With the common crypto currencies, the explanations in the usual media or social networks always follow very quickly. However, the smaller the coins get or the more complicated the market, for example the masternode market, the more difficult and, above all, more time-consuming it becomes to understand spontaneous price changes, let alone to guess in advance, because you cannot see or understand all the factors. Analyze sources of error. If you want to invest in masternode but haven’t got the time to worry about all the details yourself, you have the opportunity to join a masternode pool. There, professional specialists take care of the price movements 24 hours a day and do the work for us.

What is your opinion on this subject? Are you also part of a masternode pool or do you take care of your masternodes yourself? What are your experiences? Did you like “Masternode Sector explodes due to ION”? Just leave us a comment.

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