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Pi Network APP | The best app for free mining of Pi Coins

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Pi Network APP | The best app for free mining of Pi Coins

What is the pi network APP concept and how it works?

If you were to imagine a perfect cryptocurrency, what would it look like?

Take the time to sit back and think. The more I think about it, the more I have to think about, to fight the nature of humanity.

The problems lie less in the cryptocurrency but rather in the question of what they need to do to overcome our innate ability and our desire to hurt each other for personal gain. The block chain verification process for Bitcoin is a long way to find out whether we are assholes (as do people when the potential for monetary gains is).

Pi is a new cryptocurrency for and by ordinary people you “break down” with your phone (or earn).

Crypto currencies are new forms of digital money that is managed by a community rather than by governments or banks and secured. Today, you can reduce Pi (or earn) by contributing to ensuring monetary and extend the trusted network of Pi. While most crypto currencies were (like Bitcoin) for ordinary people very hard to use and access, Pi puts the power of cryptocurrency in your hand.

Is that real? Pi is the Network APP a scam?

Here I say it by myself, no. It’s free, does not require time and nothing is promised. Ok, will take some time. The article writes itself not by itself. But this is one of my passions. So do not write that, but much more the work into something new. And yeah, Cryptos … nom nom nom … And it also belongs to the residual income. If Pi makes a breakthrough, this is probably one of the best pay-test posts here.

Pi is not a fraud. It’s a real effort of a team of Stanford graduates to enable everyday people have better access to cryptocurrency.

Pis core team is led by two Stanford graduate students and a Stanford MBA, which have all contributed to the construction of the Stanford-block chain community. We can not guarantee that the project will be successful. However, we promise to do our best to realize our common dreams while maintaining the highest standards of integrity. More information about us can be found on the page “core team” in the main menu of the app.


Social Circles to verify the integrity.

So let’s go the other way in this direction and try to imagine a crypto currency that uses the positive aspects of humanity. Our ability to love the people we are closest to and maintain.

In our culture, we have weathered social circles for thousands of years. They are the ones that make us happy and motivated. It takes a certain type of people to cheat the people who interest us most. People tend to react quite critical when it do other people. Think of the feeling you get when someone you care about has been deceived and cheated. The feeling is incredibly strong and you feel it in your Magen.So we have, and we mutually protected and are part of our activities. This is the perfect foundation for a social, digital currency.

After all that I have collected and as I understand it, that works pi network according to this principle. The use of social circles and reputation to verify the integrity, many transactions could be carried out quickly and easily.

How does this app? How do I earn more Pi?

With this app you can earn Pi by you are doing a simple contributions to the community of Pi. The more you contribute, the more you earn Pi.

To earn Pi, checke every 24 hours and hit the flash button on the right side to begin mining. Once you are active in the mining, you can increase your hourly rate by inviting trusted friends and family members to join the community. After 3 days of mining, you can increase your earnings by making a safety circuit that contributes to the overall security of the network. Where we again here concept of master nodes found. Remember that former members of the network break down a higher rate than those who come after them. What’s with all affiliate, or network businesses the case again.

Information of users in Pi-network chat Pi had 10,000 users about 2 months. After confirmation of the Pi-facilitation team, they have risen to 450,000 since yesterday (September 25, 2019).

Let’s take a first look at the Pi Network app .

The registration process is relatively simple and can in a few minutes, I would say second to be established. You will be greeted with the start screen and a button for confirmation by the user. You must press a day to make sure that you are indeed a man this button once. It uses, among other Google Recaptcha v3, as described in the FAQ to verify the identity. Once this is complete, you will be greeted by the screen shown here.

The home screen of the app shows us above our current earning assets. With the right three buttons from top to bottom, we have access to the chat, the number of active Miner / the total number of recommendations and our current “Mining speed” per hour.

Mus the app must be left open?

You do not have to leave open the app. Pi does not affect your phone’s performance, discharge the battery or uses your network data. Once you press the flash button, you can even close the app and continue with the use of Pi.


Recommendations are the key to reaching the highest Pi per hour.

On this page, you really see what the app focuses: References. The more you have, the higher your mining rate and the more coins is received. Since the function of the app depends invite all your friends in your social circle, it is very useful to create a large incentive.

This screen informs you of all our earnings statistics. Currently, anyone who joins now, a pioneer. I’m not sure if this is a title for an early adoption and an advantage or whether it’s just that’s what they call all users. I tend to be Pionieregesehen scene as generally described in the crypto. You probably benefit the most.

To become a contributor, you must add your interlock 3-5 people you vertrauen.Dies leads to an intensification of the idea of ​​social circles. Where references work on a larger scale, we put the people we trust, into the circle of contributors. Any person who is added to the circle of trust, increases your Pi per hour.

In the Ambassador section tells you how many people you have recommended and how many people currently active mining run. If your recommendations press the button Mining not daily, you no longer receive bonus ihnen.Sie can “ping” every 24 hours, whereby a notification is sent to them to continue. However, I can not help but feel unbelievably rude.

What role does the Ambasador? As the credit team works?

As Ambasador you get for each person you invite into the network, a bonus of up to 25% on your basic mining rate.

You will Ambasador when new members with your invitation code   at Pi Network login. Each member of your team merit increases your earnings by 25% if it is active on the network. A new member can be added to the team earning his sponsor only, as each member of Pi can join with the invitation code of a sponsor only once. Unlike in the security circles in which people trust circles can be taken with more members who merit teams will be determined on the basis of those who invited them. Each participant in the world can only be claimed by a participant.

What role does the Contributor and how kan I achieve this status?

If you are Contributor, you can earn more Pi by making a safety circuit of 3-5 trusted members.

The Contributor of Pi will be shown to users until you have completed three sessions Mining as a pioneer. After 3 days, Mining you see on the home screen of the app, a new symbol of the safety circuit, which you can click to start. To become a contributor, you must add your interlock 3-5 people you trust.

What are Security Circles?

Safety circuits are groups 3-5 trustworthy persons from each of the Pi members were created. Safety circuits protect the currency by creating a global confidence diagram prevents fraudulent transactions are processed by bad actors.

While crypto currencies like Bitcoin secure their business books by forcing the miner to burn energy (proof of work), Pi secures his business book if its members mutually pledge to be trustworthy. The participants of Pi vouch for each other, forming safety circuits of 3-5 members, which they consider to be trustworthy. Interlocks should be composed of people that you trust to perform any fraudulent transactions. The safety circuits of the network form a global confidence diagram, which sets out who the execution of transactions in the general ledger can be trusted by Pi.

When is Pi be worth something? When can I turn Pi in “real” money?

The owner of Pi Pi can turn money into “real” if they either buy goods and services on the market of Pi Pi or exchanged against fiat currency.

Cryptocurrency owners have two options to convert their holdings into “real” money (or withdraw):

to buy 1) goods and services directly related to their crypto

Buying goods and services directly to your Pi. Pi Network sets up a peer-to-peer marketplace where our members can Pi spend directly for the purchase of goods and services. We endeavor from the fourth quarter 2019 to experiment with in-app transfers of Pi.

2) their crypto (against fiat currency z. B. dollars, euros, etc.).) Exchange on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Exchange of Pi against fiat currency to cryptocurrency exchanges. The core team of Pi has no control over when cryptocurrency exchanges (such Binance , Coinbase list, octopus, etc.) Pi. However, Pi, in phase 3 of the project (d. H. MainNet) are traded. At this point, the stock market can choose to list Pi. In the meantime, Pis core team focused on implementing our technical roadmap (see our white paper) to achieve phase third

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

First of all, I need to understand how the pi network works (I’m not a doctor like the ones it operate). So make sure that you answer in the comments, if I have misunderstood something or have accidentally left something out.

I think if a number is even appears on the screen, it is difficult to evaluate it as a potential money. I think because the skepticism of many people comes on. I use the app now for a few days and am now sitting on 100 Pi. I can imagine though, that a party has a value of 2 USD, but by the end of the year he seemed to be convinced that worth every 1050 USD is (give or take, of course!). I am not one who created the financial forecasts and speculation, but hey. I will join the hype-train and decide which Aston Martin would I buy for Christmas.

Which differs Pi Network app from the other crypto apps that promise so much?

Well, what can I say. I would like to believe otherwise, but I have very often seen that much was promised. I love it when more companies promise less and I am angry about anyone who would call me a naysayer. I am a realist and I believe that this app has much more potential than most. Since everything is under me come in the last two years and has promised nothing, in the end the team the winner had it. As with all things time will tell it and with luck the Pi team will steer the ship clear. I wish you all the best.

If you Pi Network would like to try, visit

Pi Disclaimer: Pi is not free money.

Pi is not free money. It is a long-term project whose success depends on the collective contributions of its members.

Pi has set itself the goal of helping ordinary people to achieve more economic value which benefits today banks, technology giants (eg. As Facebook, Amazon) and other intermediaries. Pi depends on the collective contributions of its members. If you are looking fast money, look elsewhere.

If you have enjoyed this article or hated, thank you!

In any case, you have taken the time and gave us a chance. Thank you for coming to this cozy corner of the Internet

The condition of the Crypto apps and a warning to the uninitiated.

If like us like to search the App Store for the latest Crypto apps you will know what it’s like to look through a mountain of dirt to find the rough. It takes a long time and it is covered with a lot of proverbial “dirty”, but finally the hard work pays off, if you find him. Or is it?

Unfortunately, the reality, even if you find the diamond that most diamonds are actually fake. When it comes to winning money, you can be sure that fraud will follow. Most apps that offer crypto payouts, enter either a absurdly low amount, or have minimum payment requirements that are out of reach too high or frankly. It is difficult to recommend apps that are based on crypto, as many of them do nothing more than to bring you your money or your time.

Nevertheless, we are still open to new apps and ideas. We remain optimistic. A good rule is, however, all new crypto Apps take with a pinch of salt to accept the fact that it could be just another elaborate Ponzi scheme, and consider exactly what you are wanted to give.



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  1. Manu says:

    App is easy to install and has been running great for over 11 months with no noticeable battery drain or performance issues at all. Be part of the future with this new Cryptocurrency that has over 3.5M members. Do a favor read the FAQ in the App, It will clear up many doubts. You just need to check in every 24hrs & hit lighting button to start a daily mining cycle and u can invite your friends.Let’s work together to make this successful. If you need a invitation code you can use that in the article above. Its a great Networker where you join!

  2. Rohas86 says:

    Try it using the code in the article

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