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PoolNode Experience Report – The Masternode Club

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PoolNode Experience Report – The Masternode Club

PoolNode, the Masternode Club

PoolNode Masternode ClubIn times of defi hype and world economic chaos it is difficult to find reliable investments. Especially in the world of crypto currencies. Pool Node offers the possibility of becoming a member of a Masternode-Club with amounts starting from 0.015 BTC, which distributes every fourteen days the gained yields to its members. This has the advantage that you do not have to buy expensive and sometimes volatile master nodes yourself, which is what the experts at PoolNode do. In doing so, they pay attention to a diversified master node portfolio. Most of the purchased master nodes are so-called “Class 1 master nodes”, which run for years and generate a stable return. Even with a small investment, you are part of the big picture and thus optimally protected against losses. The whole thing is a long-term investment, which has always generated good to very good returns for its members in the past years.

Getnode Experience – The essential guide to diversify your crypto portfolio

Getnode Experience – The essential guide to diversify your crypto portfolio

Activation, deposit and membership

Masternode Club

If you are interested in PoolNode, you can first register completely free of charge and without obligation, for example by using the links on this page. Then you can take your time to read through the information on PoolNode, visit webinars, talk to active members and familiarize yourself with the back office. If you then decide to become a member, you can make a deposit via the address stored in the back office, in BTC or in Euro.

The subsequent activation can take up to 14 days after the deposit. For smaller amounts up to 1000 Euro, the activation sometimes takes up to 30 days, since the amounts are first collected in a deposit pool until enough is collected for a deposit. However, due to the strong growth of PoolNode, it usually takes much less time. After a successful deposit, the minimum investment period is 365 days. After that the initial investment can be paid out again, but this is subject to the fluctuations of the Masternode market, so the payout amount can be higher, but also lower than the initial investment.

Difference PoolNodeGetnode

In principle, both Masternode Clubs are very similar in structure, but PoolNode is independent and also has its own statutes. Nevertheless, both are managed by the same team. However, it is possible to invest in PoolNode from as little as 0.15 BTC / approx. 150 euros. However, you pay slightly higher fees on the returns, namely 35 percent, instead of the 25 percent at Getnode. PoolNode is therefore the perfect entry for all those who want to venture carefully into the world of master nodes and crypto currencies. If you decide later on to enter Getnode, this is also possible without any problems. Just open a support ticket and the excellent support will guide you through the next steps.

PoolNode field report | What does PoolNode do with my money?

Masternode Club

PoolNode invests the deposited money in Masternode Coins. When it comes to crypto currencies, most people first think of Bitcoin. However, Bitcoin is a first generation coin, which is still based on the proof of work principle. This is very resource-intensive, because mining Bitcoin requires a lot of power and hardware to mine new coins. Masternode Coins are a further development of this first generation, they are based on the proof of stake principle. By staking coins, the necessary confirmations for transactions are generated, the network becomes more secure, it saves resources and the coin owners benefit from staking rewards. Masternodes are the nodes in such a network and therefore fulfill important functions for the coin network. Therefore, master node operators receive a fixed amount for operating their master nodes. The purchase of an own master node is often very expensive, the costs can easily be around 10000 Euro. In addition, many masternode coins are very volatile, so operating a single private masternode can be very risky. This is also possible with Getnode and PoolNode. At this point, the numerous advantages of the PoolNode Masternode Pool become apparent. Because of the shared pool with many investors, the club is able to operate a whole range of master nodes. With each additional master node, the risk of incurring losses decreases, because while individual coins are usually only an option for very risk-averse investors due to their volatility, the cryptomarket itself has become one of the most secure growth guarantees in recent years. This means that club members can continue to realize good profits even if a coin crashes. The operators of PoolNode are professionals and know their business. It is much safer to place your coins in capable hands than to try your luck on the market. Experts often recognize early on which master nodes are better to sell or where a buying opportunity arises. As a private person, operating my own master node is much too risky for me, but at PoolNode I feel that the expertise of the staff and the security of the pool make me feel in good hands and this has inspired me to write this PoolNode field report.

What does PoolNode get out of it?

Of course, the operators of the Masternode Club do not do this out of charity, but there are no fees for this investment. PoolNode receives 25% of the profits generated for its services, so there are no additional costs for the investor. The 25% are always deducted directly from the two-week payments, the personal pool value remains untouched. It is therefore in PoolNode’s interest to achieve the best possible returns. This is also emphasized on the PoolNode website:

PoolNode is not a “get rich fast” system, we are working on a long-term system, which we are improving daily. Our members receive maximum transparency and automatic payouts. We want to keep our customers’ rewards / Bitcoin in the Hot-Wallet as short as possible (Quote: www.PoolNode.club)

PoolNode can only make profits if the system works. Therefore, the company does everything possible to keep the system running smoothly. I have rarely experienced such a good support network as with PoolNode. If you have a problem, the PoolNode support team will contact you the next working day at the latest and take care of it. So far, my questions have always been answered as quickly as possible and to my complete satisfaction. In addition, there is the possibility to exchange information and get feedback from other members of the club as well as the founders of the company via a “Telegram” group. This way you always have the feeling of being understood and are never alone with your problem, so there is no frustration if something doesn’t go well.

My experience with PoolNode

Masternode Club

I personally have been invested in PoolNode’s big brother Getnode for almost two years. As an absolute newcomer to cryptone, I came across Getnode on the Internet in March 2019. Considering the large number of dubious companies on the Internet, I now know that I was very lucky to find the Masternode Club right at the beginning. However, I had also invested a lot of research time on websites and Youtube videos. Nevertheless, I was lucky not to fall for a “get rich fast” system. The Masternode Club presented itself in a very serious manner and the numerous testimonials on renowned websites confirmed my intention to try it out.

After convincing myself that I was not completely wrong with Getnode, I registered for free via a link on the Internet. This was completely uncomplicated and did not take long. I familiarized myself with my back office and had time to think about an investment. After I had made the decision, I went to the back office. There I could choose whether I wanted to make a deposit in euros or Bitcoin; I decided on euros. In the back office the necessary information for the bank transfer appeared, and I also received an e-mail with the same information. The hardest step was certainly going to the bank. At that time I was still successfully resisting online banking. Money was transferred and the anxious waiting began.

After ten days I was redeemed. I received a message that my account was now active. 14 days later, I had the first earnings on my account and since then, every 14 days there was a payout from Getnode, sometimes more, sometimes less. (On average just over 4% per month for the last 19 months) Occasionally the payouts were reinvested; this possibility has been available since the middle of last year and I have thus benefited from the compound interest effect. How much of your money you want to reinvest is up to you and depends on your personal strategy. Recommended is 25%, but this is freely selectable. Whether you want to reinvest or not depends on your own asset strategy. This can be considered however calmly if the investment runs and changed at any time.

At the beginning of this year, I was paid out more than I had originally deposited. The ROI was reached. The Masternode Club writes on their website that the payouts per year can be between 0 and 100%, so I was lucky with the performance of Masternode Coins. Recently, they have been doing a little worse than the rest of the crypto market, so it might be an ideal time to get in there. Even without the payouts I still have the possibility to withdraw my initial investment including the reinvestments after the holding period. However, I do not intend to withdraw my investment from Masternode Club in the near future, the whole thing is going much too well for that. Only recently I even made my second investment. To come back to the best investment time point, after being asked for more often: In my experience, the best time is always now. Nobody owns a glass ball and can look into the future and it is not worth getting angry later on and thinking “if only I had invested more” (which I have done far too often). In my opinion it is similar to buying shares. If you are convinced of a company, the time of entry is not important. Sometimes you make more, sometimes less profit, but you will not suffer losses in a long-term investment, because the business concept is right.

If one deposits in euro one can decide freely whether one can be disbursed its yields in euro or Bitcoin. I had decided in the first year for it to let my yields disburse in euro. In retrospect a mistake. Since reaching my ROI I changed over now to Bitcoin disbursements, in order to profit still further from the positive development of the entire crypto market.


Anyone who has made a deposit at PoolNode will receive an individual link to participate in the PoolNode partner program. If someone registers via this link and becomes part of the club, you will receive a part of the return. However, this percentage is deducted from the 35%, which means that the income of the depositor remains the same! The remuneration is done according to the following system:

The affiliate program is a way to further improve the already good returns of PoolNode.

PoolNode Field Report | Summary

is to say that the PoolNode Masternode Club is a serious, transparent company that operates actively and on a long-term basis in the Masternode market and generates profits there. Punctual and regular payouts vary according to the Masternode Coins rate, but have never been below 2% per month, even in bad times. Those who are willing to invest their money for one or two years can look forward to decent and secure profits. The whole thing is not a “get rich quick” system, but the money is not gone in the end. PoolNode is the perfect entrance, in order to approach the world of the Kryptowährungen, one deposits simply in euro and receives Bitcoin as disbursement. For it one does not need an exchange or the like. A Bitcoin wallet on a USB stick is sufficient as long as you keep the seeds safe. The support from PoolNode is unbeatable and the other investors help where they can. Getnode and PoolNode are the same company, the only difference is that you can join PoolNode for as little as 0.015 btc (about 150 Euro).

If you like this report, just register for free at this link:


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