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PoolNode Experiences MasterNodes Pool | The piggy bank of modern times"

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PoolNode Experiences MasterNodes Pool | The piggy bank of modern times"

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Before I had the short GetNode Club presented and shared my experiences it. Now also comes PoolNode Club MasterNode pool?

What hereby is all about and a new company is incorporated in the portfolio as so in such a short time, wondering certainly the most. The feeling may come to when they absolutely wanted to reach everyone. But this is not the case!

Which this is a one-to-one copy of the first companies, where only the start option has been reduced. To record the expenses again, but had the fees, which are used only by the profits to be increased to 35%.




What has the PoolNode Club with the GetNode Club to do? It will be very interesting for those who are not the BTC 0.2 or 1000 euros for definitely GetNode Club would want to do, yet in one of the first MasterNode participate Pool clubs. Which is made within one year to the worlds biggest Masternode pool, with a total of 1300 master nodes with a total of 2500 Bitcoin. These figures speak but for itself.

The interaction of the small

Pooland the GetNode Club MasterNode Pool

The PoolNode Club has been created by the same people into being as the GetNode Club and is also a MasterNode pool . It only runs under a different club and the conditions were adapted to the circumstances. Lens, the customer receives the same as the GetNode Club.

This is also the master nodes managed in a pool are and the Bitcoins will be paid in the same cycles. (1x a month on the 15th we received the Affiliate Bonus, 2x a month we get the profits on our Wallet)

Some of the members are managed by the same support team. The PoolNode Club is a service contract linked to the GetNode Club MasterNode Pool. Dieses Unternehmen stellt die Hardware und Software des MasterNode Clubs MasterNode pool . This company provides the hardware and software of the MasterNode clubs and executes the payments by. This allows to provide a simple way this proposal to the company, and to let you participate even in a smaller amount at the big picture. This should also understand why I have taken with this company without further ado.

A member of the PoolNode Clubs has a unique ID and can only for that Club Mitglieder are affiliated with. This makes the the bigger brother has different requirements and this should be profitable for both sides. In return, however, a member of the can GetNode Club, members of both clubs advertise, since the company can cover the expenses. The links differ as follows:



We see here at the end of the link the same partner ID F419s7176 . Only the URL is different from the customer registration. We see that it is both the same system, stop only at different URLs and desses conditions / values diferenzieren minimal. We had so clarified with the interaction and come to the differences of MasterNode Pool clubs.




What now is different to the GetNode Club MasterNode Pool?

PoolNode Club MasterNode Pool Anmeldung

Masternode Pool Sign Up

If we are to look at it briefly, the two vendors alike. Which now arises the difference?

The deposit amounts differ first. For the PoolNode Club we need 0015 BTC or more. If you have registered here and right on top of 0.2 Bitcoin have paid, the company comes to meet us and moves the account. In the GetNode Club contrast, 1,000 euros, or 0.2 Bitcoin are needed. The conversion of euro in Bitcoin is “still” in GetNode Club performed manually. Should in GetNode Club less than 0.2BTC 0.2BTC deposit you will in return automatically to PoolNode Club postponed.

But I think that goes without saying, and needs no further explanation. Except that one should proceed carefully consider his. After all, who needs to start at the smaller 180 days by running to the operator only the expenses incurred einzuspielen. Then you can initiate change your mind and further steps then.

So you do not want to start right with 0.2 BTC, one has the

 PoolNode Club the cheaper entry. On cost grounds add the Bitcoins in MasterNode pool remains the same. Therefore something has been adapted to the financial statements so that none of having to both parties make server fees. I think that’s a very fair solution if we consider that this was a customer and myself was so not planned. When kleinen Club the customer receives a total of 65% (35% for management and affiliate commission will be deducted). When GetNode Club the customer receives a total of 75% (25% will be deducted for the management and affiliate commission). The cost base for the lower start with the PoolNode Club So are 10% deduction from profits.

GetNode Club MasterNode Pool Anmeldung

GetNode Club MasterNode Pool Sign Up

Das Resultat muss sich nicht verstecken und hat auch seine Vorteile für den Affiliate.  Ein Unternehmen sollte immer den Kunden an erster Stelle setzen damit am Ende alle profitieren. Auch an der Gegebenheit das 100 % der eingezahlten Summe in den Pool kommen ändert sich nicht!

The result must not hide and also has its advantages for the affiliate. A company should always put the customer so that all end up in the first place benefit. Also because of the fact 100% of the amount paid into the pool do not change!

Providing the Masternode in the pool can take a while, depending on growth. When GetNode Club this only between 10 and 14 days. Where it at the PoolNode Club since it always takes time until the capital of the pool can be fed back and take longer items. I go here once from an estimated up to 30 days. Since investments are always bundled only once and then in a Masternode convert. So it goes, the patient should even be present. For this, the process goes after back smoothly.  

My conclusion to PoolNode Club

The idea that we beside the GetNode Club yet received another opportunity for small investors was desired by club members. And, I wanted this because you can do pioneering work so for crypto currencies. Even small investors allows them to multiply in my opinion a highly recommended method Bitcoins. That the GetNode Club den PoolNode Club may apply and everything is to manage from a back office, was probably not a simple matter of the decision. You just have to be aware that there are different clientele and should probably remain better separated. Also there is the GetNode Club a truly flexible course of action and plays us positively in the cards. I deal with master nodes already than 8 months where I say, must mean that the concept GetNode Club and PoolNode Club is coherent.

The ability to start with small capital allows the Masternodes make available to everyone. Which will certainly have a negative impact in my opinion. On the contrary, the block chain technology and its very good yields of the mass is made available. What I myself can only advocate.

The deposit amount is to be regarded only as a minimum. Certainly should be paid more. Only one should from 0.2 BTC consider the

GetNode Club to use. If only for the better profits is entirely understandable by itself.




On the cheaper alternative of GetNode Club many have been waiting for, let’s see how it is actually received by the market!



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