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I have been at RoboFX for a long time and have tried out various traders there. Here, too, it is important to exercise caution and copy the copy trades in test mode first. Not only did I follow a false profile, no my account had also dropped to 0 in 3 hours thanks to false leverage.

There is not much to say about RoboFX except that they have a well thought-out affiliate system and offer copy trading in a closed system. Which with the RAMM accounts gives you probably the best results. No VPS is required or PCs that stay online are not required. That’s a plus.

There is also the possibility to have erroneous trades checked that appear to have been copied incorrectly and are doubtful. What has noccurred so far, however.

What i am particularly interested in RoboFX in recent times are its RAMM accounts. Here you can follow strategies of other traders and start a stake of 10 USD. But what is even more beautiful is the built-in risk management that can protect up to 90% of your capital over the week to counteract losses. If you are not familiar with trading or don’t like to see the trades yourself, you can get what you are looking for here. Here too, however, caution must be exercised. It is and remains a risky business!


Affiliate Commission Rate

All transactions made by your customers are taken into account for the calculation of the affiliate commission.

Affiliate commission rate (the company’s share of revenue)

Account model All instruments
Prime 20%
ngR Trader

IB commission for affiliate accounts

The customer can open an affiliate account either by providing your affiliate code during the registration of a new account or customer area or by using a referral link.

After opening an affiliate account, the Partner may undertake to provide some services to its customers on its behalf, such as an Expert Advisor.

Affiliate commission rate (the company’s share of revenue)

Account model All instruments
Robo.Pro.Affiliate 50%

RoboFX has been on the market since 2013 and joined us in Germany in 2017. If you are aware of the risk and know what is being done here, you will find a way here. Since you, however, you have been aware that capital is at risk. The only thing that is certain is that nothing is safe!



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