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Sabores Púrpura | Grower ready for production of cannabis-based medicines

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Sabores Púrpura | Grower ready for production of cannabis-based medicines

Portuguese private company Sabores Púrpura is ready to launch one of the world’s largest cultivations of medical-grade cannabis plants.

Sabores Púrpura was awarded a license to produce medicinal cannabis plants by the Portuguese Medicines Agency, which was announced last January. You may already know the name of this company from the agri-food industry, especially through its extra-sweet strawberries, which are very popular in the Dutch market. Sofia Ferreira of Sabores Púrpura explains that this is one of the largest medical cannabis licenses in the world.

“Portugal has been highlighted in the cannabis industry because of the country’s laws and regulations, but also because of Portugal’s special conditions to grow cannabis plants at lower production costs with high quality standards, as required by medical use, with a very low carbon footprint,” she says.

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Standardization of the plant

Therefore, the Portuguese private company aims to produce high quality and safe products from cannabis for the medical industry. The road to success is already being paved by the cannabis leaves, as the company has just completed the standardization of the plant and will be able to start large-scale production next month.

“All the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years working with strawberries will help us grow the safest cannabis possible,” says Sofia Ferreira of Sabores Púrpura “Both crops are regulated and require growers to comply with certain regulations. Of course, these are different for strawberries and cannabis. But our experience with strawberries has taught us how to grow a high-quality product in an efficient and safe way, while complying with regulations.”

According to them, the company has built GMP-compliant greenhouses in which to grow the medical cannabis. “You need a GMP-compliant facility to grow cannabis,” she explains. “There are differences between facilities for strawberries and cannabis. For example, you have to use glass for cannabis.”

Experience with lighting

The company gathered all sorts of data over time that allowed them to start this new project on the right foot. “We have a lot of experience with lighting. Also, before we started construction, we did temperature, humidity and climate studies. That ensures we have efficient facilities and, more importantly, efficient operations,” she continues.

“This is a new industry for everyone. It was only recently legalized worldwide, so we had to do everything from scratch and learn a lot along the way. But we are very happy with the results. We have just finished standardizing the plant and next month we will be able to start large-scale production,” says Miguel Silva, CEO of the company.

Personal experience

As for investing in this new business, the company owner adds, “It’s not entirely new to us, nor is it a rush to ‘green gold’. We started looking into this 4 years ago because my youngest son suffered from seizures and my wife and I were looking for a holistic approach to deal with his condition. So we came across cannabis medicine and felt compelled to work with it. It’s a very unique plant and we wanted to make sure it was both effective and safe for medicine production.”

The company expects its products to be available on the European market in 2020.

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