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CannerGrow | The Cannergrow Christmas Leaderboard Contest

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CannerGrow | The Cannergrow Christmas Leaderboard Contest

Before I go I want to say that such contests are normal, but I really don’t like them!

Not because I wouldn’t win, but because it encourages people to do something that they might not normally do!

Contests revitalizes the business, sure… but pride and ambition can quickly turn it into a boomerang. We know how some people can turn this into reality and make false promises, if only by reading between the lines of the promotion. I for my part would not change my approach or do more than before because of money. I love network and I do not see there the possibility to earn money, but rather a possibility with many communities of interest to help each other and to create serious, positive changes in life. At that time it tore me out of a very deep lock. Where I would probably still be stuck today.

Network is an attitude towards life, a passion, but even more a very powerful tool to create change across generations!

But I don’t want to withhold the news itself. That would probably also be rather unfair…

Dear Cannerald & CannerGrow community ?

Cannergrow Christmas Leaderboard ContestCannergrow Christmas Leaderboard Contest

due to the extreme demand for our limited plants and because of our unique CannerGrow community, the time has come again – another Leaderboard Contest… more brutal than ever…

exclusively for our unique CannerGrow-Community… bigger than ever before – 28.500€ total prices – hard and smart work is rewarded like a king!

Everyone can win here, no matter if you are a thoroughbred salesman, a blogger or a newbie.
Everybody has the same chances, and that’s exactly what is most important for us!
Anyone who really puts in the effort, and anyone who has the daily burning fire, ambition, and diligence to take over the ranking, has the best chances to win and catch all eyes of the 50,000+ member CannerGrow community with the Cannergrow Christmas Leaderboard Contest.

1st place: 12.500€
2nd place: 7.500€
3rd place: 5.000€
4th place: 2.500€
5th place: 1.000€

28.500€ in total prices ??


But this time not as cash credit, but as a voucher credit with Wunschgutschein – so you can fulfill almost any dream!

No matter if you need new home furniture, professional equipment for your new home office, a new smartphone, a laptop, camera equipment for the hottest promo videos, action experiences, wellness vacations or luxury watches and jewelry – come with us – there is no limited choice in this wide range of stores and stores!
Click here for the Cannergrow Christmas Leaderboard Contest – Leaderboard 

The Leaderboard competition is a worldwide promotion in which anyone can participate or win, regardless of whether you currently own plants yourself or not. The competition is valid from December 6, 2020 to January 30, 2021 (CET time).

Terms and conditions:
The eligibility period is from December 6, 2020 to January 30, 2021 inclusive.
Only new first-level team partners who have registered within the specified promotion period and own at least one plant will be considered.

Important: Payment for the new team partners’ plant purchases must be received by November 13, 24:00 (CET) at the latest. 

How I feel about the Cannergrow Christmas Leaderboard Contest, I wrote at the beginning of this article…

… I would be very interested in your opinion! 

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