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Cannerald – Free Cannergrow Upgrade to optimize plants

Cannergrow Upgrade for optimization Free upgrade of your plants As support has been frequently requested over the last few weeks, Cannerald – Cannergow are officially offering you a free upgrade from your €350 or €500 plants to a premium plant worth €1,100. With an upgrade you will save 100€ per upgrade compared to buying a…
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Cannergrow | 7 points to the cannergrow survey for the next location

Love CannerGrow Community, Your opinion is very important to us – that’s why we’ve included a crucial survey for you in the CannerGrow Dashboard today. We hope you enjoy it! 🙂 The survey is only online for 48 hours, so we can implement your wish as soon as possible. So it would be great if…
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Cannergrow | Why Information of the Upcoming Launches are the success Keys

Cannerald could no longer keep it secret: Next Wednesday the sale of the new location will be initiated. This will also involve a price increase, the background to which I would like to explain in more detail here.   The growth is fast from Cannergrow and they have to cope with an almost unimaginable number…
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Cannergrow | Why Cannergrow Price change are Cuter Than a Kitten

Switzerland is sold out and now we are moving at speed to the next plantation in Poland! What does this mean for new pitches at Cannergrow? The new pitches will cost 1,100 euros. The speed of growth is currently so high that Cannerrald will have to set a new price due to too rapid growth…
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Bitcoin’s Bullish Battle, Ethereum 2.0, BCH “slow death”: Hodler’s Digest

Top stories this week Bitcoin struggles with $10,000 – two scenarios for the coming week The bears got their pound of meat this week when Bitcoin prices dropped $800 within an hour. The crash also resulted in significant losses for most of the Altcoins. Looking ahead to the coming days, Keith Wareing of Cointelegraph says…
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Deutsche Bank | Bitcoin is “too volatile” to be a “reliable” store of value

Deutsche Bank says Bitcoin is “too volatile” to be a “reliable” store of value According to the bank, Bitcoin payments also still represent a “tiny” fraction of global payments. Bitcoin’s price fluctuations do not make it a “reliable” store of value, according to new research by financial services giant Deutsche Bank. In the first part…
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Mike Novogratz | Bitcoin will reach $12K in 2020

One of the best-known investors says Bitcoin (BTC) will reach $12,000 in 2020 when the markets recover from renewed dumping, said. Mike Novogratz, co-founder of the cryptocurrency trading bank Galaxy Digital, made the remark “BTC finishes over $12k” as part of his New Year’s predictions in a tweet on December 28. If you search how…
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The rise of money – money is power

There is an incredible feature of cryptocurrencies that almost everyone seems to have missed, including Satoshi himself. But it is there, hidden, continually collecting energy like a hurricane far out on the sea, swinging to the shore. It’s a stealth feature that has not been activated yet. But if it succeeds, it will go through…
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Ethereum | Hard Fork confirmed by the Core Developer

Ethereum (ETH) Foundation team leader Péter Szilágyi has confirmed December 4 as the expected date for the upcoming Istanbul fork of the network. In two tweets on November 7, Szilágyi announced that Istanbul will start at block 9069000. He provided the Geth Mainnet Node operator with a link to a new maintenance release that was…
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CannerGrow - Ergebnis der Ernte

CannerGrow | Experiences of the first harvest and the residual bonus

Granted, I took some time with this report. To be honest too much time. On 16.08.2019 the first harvest from Switzerland was assigned to the individual investors of the rearing grounds. For this Levin Amweg has published a video. Yes, the music can be argued. It does not affect the result. The result itself is…
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SFC HongKong | Regulatory Authority Introduces New Rules for Cryptocurrencies

The Hong Kong Financial Services Authority, the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), will release new rules on bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange today. The message Reuters sent on 6 November was announced by Ashley Alder, CEO, at a local fintech event. Clarity of regulations for Hong Kong-based crypto exchanges The new requirements describe in detail how…
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Binance | Lending turned upside down by savvy investors

Just last month has Binance revised its offerings and the newly synchronized platform “Binance 2.0” expanded by margin trading features. Has now Binance added several new features to further diversify the business and increase the user base. One of these newly launched products is the subscription-based loan product Binance Lending, which will be launched in…
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Pi Network APP | The best app for free mining of Pi Coins

What is the pi network APP concept and how it works? If you were to imagine a perfect cryptocurrency, what would it look like? Take the time to sit back and think. The more I think about it, the more I have to think about, to fight the nature of humanity. The problems lie less in the cryptocurrency…
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Binance US | Launches Debit Card Payments

In the first 30 days since its launch, the American digital assets market, Binance.US, has surpassed $ 15 million in daily trading volume and increased token listing from seven to 24 tokens, bringing US total of 40 trading pairs brings. Beginning today, users can purchase cryptocurrencies on Binance.US with debit cards and connect existing USD…
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Genessis Mining reopens service in the US

Genesis Mining, a managed cloud mining provider, announced that it is restraining operations in the United States after South Carolina regulators withdrew an injunction against the company. Contracts for U.S. residents have so far been disabled for five months. SC controllers revoke the Cease & Desist order The declaration of injunction was issued on 9…
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