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EIP 1559 – Ethereum london hard fork price prediction for gas fees troubles miners – ETH 2.0 incoming

EIP 1559 – Ethereum london hard fork price prediction for gas fees troubles miners – ETH 2.0 incoming Reading time approx. 5 minutes EIP-1559 – Controversial Hard Fork The eagerly awaited Ethereum hard fork “London” has been activated but has caused some controversies! According to CNBC, the ether price has already risen by 3.9% in…
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Crypto Newsletter August – Bitcoin, Visa

Havanna Investors Club Crypto Newsletter August – Bitcoin, Visa Cryptocurrencies are still a hot topic and are gaining more and more acceptance in society. We at the Havana Investors Club want you to stay up to date in this fast moving market. Therefore, from now on we will publish a monthly newsletter in which the…
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Decentralized Identity – The blockchain as a passport

Decentralized Identity – The blockchain as a passport Tired of entering a username and password all the time? Are you annoyed by the many passwords and constant identity checks on online services? Then you are not alone, because online identification is one of the biggest annoyances of today. In order to protect us from cybercrime…
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Masternode Markt explodiert durch ION

Masternode Sector explodes due to ION

Masternode Sector explodes due to ION What happened? A movement of 550 Bitcoin caused the value of the masternode sector to explode in the last 24 hours. This move upset the market because it was initially unclear what caused this sudden boom. Of course, such price jumps initially trigger euphoria among investors, but one should…
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Bitcoin offizielles Zahlungsmittel in El Salvador

Bitcoin legal tender in El Salvador

Bitcoin legal tender in El Salvador El Salvador was the first country in the world to introduce Bitcoin as legal tender. Congress approved President Nayib Bukele’s proposal to encourage investment and economic development.   Bukele is known for his love of technology. He was elected president two years ago with an overwhelming majority and is…
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Bitcoin Wallet Vergleich 2021 - Welche Arten von Wallets gibt es?

Cryptocurrency Wallets – Best BTC wallet 2021

Cryptocurrency Wallets – Best BTC wallet 2021 Have you bought coins and are now wondering, “Where can I keep them safe?” Then you are in the right place in this post. Choosing the right wallet for the cryptocurrencies is just as difficult as choosing the right exchange. I am going to explain the different types…
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Four simple investment rules that actually work

Four simple investment rules that actually work The days of savings accounts are over for anyone who wants to advance financially. Today it is almost impossible to let your money work for you if you are not willing to step out of your comfort zone a little. There are many forms of investment, but they…
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Visa now processes payments in USDC stablecoin on Ethereum blockchain

Quick Take Visa is now processing payments in USDC stablecoin on the Ethereum blockchain. Visa is initially working with Crypto.com for the new service. The company hopes to roll out the USDC settlement capability to other partners “over the coming year.” Visa announced on Monday that it is now processing payments in the USDC stablecoin…
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Cannergrow Experience – The Fifth Harvest in Alpha Rooom

Hello plant owners 🌱, We are happy to announce that the fifth harvest of the Alpha Rom has been a success and has been booked into your dashboard. The following information is important, especially for plant owners of the rooms Alpha and Bravo: In previous harvests, which we announced to you here in the blog…
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BiomindX Cannaxlife – Aktuelle Geschäftsprozesse und Rückblicke

Dear members of the BIOMINDX community! We want to share the main news with you and tell you about our company’s business processes. Last November 2020, we reaped our first harvest. Following the highest production standards, we managed to get an excellent result – the CBG content exceeded all our expectations and amounted to 22%!…
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Elon Musk, Bitcoin and the Reddit-Raiders

A casual vote of confidence from the world’s richest man raises eyebrows, but doesn’t lead to a BTC price spike – could that change soon? Bitcoin (BTC) begins a new week with $30,000 intact and a message of support from the world’s richest man – what can we expect next? While trading resumes around the…
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Cannergrow | Important Information about the Cannerald Shop and Message

Liebe Community, ?. Room Foxtrot and Golf will be launching in the coming weeks – you can always find updates on the Dashboard! There is also important information that we had already announced in our live webinar on January 9, 2021: Watch the recording (German) EU Shop Launch will be on February 20, 2021 –…
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Sabores Púrpura | Grower ready for production of cannabis-based medicines

Portuguese private company Sabores Púrpura is ready to launch one of the world’s largest cultivations of medical-grade cannabis plants. Sabores Púrpura was awarded a license to produce medicinal cannabis plants by the Portuguese Medicines Agency, which was announced last January. You may already know the name of this company from the agri-food industry, especially through…
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Bitwin24 | Registration of the Airdrop address is now possible

Dear members, partners and customers, please note the following important information: Registration of the Airdrop address is now possible As of today, you can register your airdrop addresses. For this purpose, we have added the item “Airdrop” in the BitWin24 dashboard. We ask you to enter your airdrop address there and confirm it with a…
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Cannergrow – Cannerald | Healthy Growth Brings Change

Cannerald Healthy Growth – General It all started back then with a room, boards and flower pots in the Fraubrunnen facility. The community has grown and much has changed since then. In the meantime, Cannerald has rented the entire first floor, the second floor and also the outdoor area for possible projects in the future.…
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CannerGrow | The Cannergrow Christmas Leaderboard Contest

Before I go I want to say that such contests are normal, but I really don’t like them! Not because I wouldn’t win, but because it encourages people to do something that they might not normally do! Contests revitalizes the business, sure… but pride and ambition can quickly turn it into a boomerang. We know…
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Cannergrow | The upgrade function from 1 and 2 to 3 star plants

Dear Community!, ? as already explained by us in the upgrade function on August 1, 2020 by text and video (click), here is the explanation for the different upgrade function from 1 and 2 to 3 star plants and why our customers in Alpha and Bravo received – 3-star premium harvests until their last cultivation, although…
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Juicy Fields | CANNABIS VEXPO & Industry Overview

CANNABIS VEXPO & Industry Overview Cannabis Virtual EXPO is the largest and most comprehensive international exhibition from beautiful South Africa, attended by experts from the health and agricultural sectors. It took place from 26th to 28th November and Juicy Fields would certainly not have allowed himself the luxury of missing such a big event with…
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Atronocom | How to switch from Atronocom to the new AtromG8 Eco-System

Today I noticed that you can’t log in on the old dashboard anymore! At first I felt completely different and I thought… ok, the page is offline. The thought was quickly removed by the admin in the telegram, to the reference of the new platform. Atronocom becomes the new AtromG8! Atronocom has got a new…
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Juicy Fields | Product catalog on the market was now published

Juicy Fields product catalog on the market Hey, hey, e-growers, Winter is almost here and we try to keep you warm and fresh with our Juicy-News as always! This time we have some very special news to deliver, related to the launch of our exquisite range of high THC products under the new Juicy-High brand.…
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