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Traffic Forces | Basic income through advertising for the first members

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Traffic Forces | Basic income through advertising for the first members

Traffic Forces Advertising – Basic income through advertising for the first members

Traffic Forces will become the world’s first ultimate repayment company, which is already amazing in my eyes.

This means for you that Traffic Forces is really the first company to pay as much as possible to its members. One of the fairest and most innovative advertising platforms of our time with the possibility to make money even without investment. And so it is a model for a new generation of business worldwide. Traffic Forces offers its members more than 8 different ways to earn an income. Furthermore, it is one of the very few ways where you can really earn without your own money.

Traffic Force Update 10/09/2019

I’ve been watching Traffic Force for 8 months now and at first it was really good. In the meantime, however, the advertisements are only clicked very inhibited and there is a real decline. Currently there is 5 Euros per registration and probably serves to keep the whole thing running. Today I have started another advertising campaign of 5000 clicks and will give my final conclusion at the end of this.

Free advertising, educational library, income opportunity.

Traffic Forces allows you to do a lot of things at no cost. The concept I think is more than rounded and has a longer period of planning. According to my source, Traffic Force has been in the planning stage since 2017. This is clearly evident in the possibilities and, above all, in its implementation. Even with the PrLaunch, the website runs flawlessly and all functions can be used without any problems.

What can I earn?

You can earn up to 15 to 30 dollars a week by using one hour per day alone. Provided that there is enough advertising. Around 50% of the advertisements will be reserved for the first 100,000 members. So it can be said that even those who build this company get their share for it.

But there is still a fabulous marketing plan behind it! You can recommend Traffic Forces to your friends and earn on their clicks, if you get an annual license, you’ll even get double credited.
For example, if you recommend 10 new members and watch them on Traffic Force ads for an hour a full week, each member earns an average of 15-30 dollars. You will receive the same amount for each of these members. In this example, you earn 140-300 dollars!


Among the first 100,000 members, 40% of banner impressions will be paid out.

Another example:

In the first month we are on approx. 10,000 members came and earn a total of 30,000 Dolla through the banner sales. Then a total of 40 dollars of these inclusions, which corresponds to 12,000 dollars, will be divided among the 10,000 members.

The only thing you need is a completed profile!

The start is worth it!

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